Suspicious packages found at Lucy Vincent Beach


A package police believe could be carrying illegal drugs washed up on a beach in Chilmark.

The details of what type of drugs were in the package haven’t been released. But the Chilmark Police Department responded to a report on Thursday evening of a “suspicious object” that washed ashore on Lucy Vincent Beach, according to a press release. 

Police say that Det. Jesse Burton and Chilmark Police Officer William Fielder responded. According to the release, the package was located around 100 yards east from the beach entrance, and was found by a family. Several lifeguards were also present. The package that the officers secured was “consistent with illegal drug packaging,” the release said. 

Chilmark Police Chief Sean Slavin told The Times this is an ongoing investigation. He said the package had an “unknown type of drug” that still needs to be tested by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. 

The package has been transferred to the DEA’s Cape Cod office. Kristen Govostes from the Cape DEA told The Times that no further information was available at this time. 


  1. I am sure the handicapped beach goers appreciated their wheelchair being usurped by the police, who appear to have been too lazy to get their own equipment.
    Seems more arrogant than expedient.

    • No handicapped beachgoers were inconvenienced. Online comments indicate that there was more than one beach chair available. Lazy cops? The police should be commended for their prompt action and their ability to improvise in a situation where the public was in potential danger.

    • I am sure that James Kozak has had some unpleasant interaction with the Police.
      The most expedient method of removal was utilized, keeping taxpayer cost low.
      Arrogance would be dumping someone out of the chair.
      No physically challenged people were harmed by the method of removal of the “drugs” found on the beach

  2. Why does the Times allow this nonsense? Also, if by “Diet Coke” you mean Adderall” then we might actually agree.

  3. it would be nice if people could not be quite as grumpy and cynical when they make comments.
    I feel like the newspaper is a place for people to gripe about unimportant things and be mean to others let’s try being kind all the time everywhere if possible boys. Just a suggestion. We don’t need to call the police lazy or arrogant. We don’t need to make fun of Biden son having a drug issue Do we really? Let’s be productive members of society . They say the grumpy old man syndrome is low testosterone and low growth hormone. We’ve got a lot of issues in the elderly here and sometimes in the not so old!
    Checking testosterone, IGF-1 and am cortisol might be useful as markers. The level in an adult male who’s over 60 should be at least 450 if not six or 700. Below 350 is hypogonadism and should be treated with testosterone. I use belmar pharmacy by the way the cream not Androgel in case you want your doctor to help you out. It feels great to be replaced with hormones if they’re low I feel bad for people who have no knowledge of why they are depressed or angry at the world.

    Also mold in the home or workplace can make people very belligerent FYI. I see this from my point of view of medical expertise – not a joke. Stay healthy and be kind to others please- life is too short to indiscriminately lash out constantly at others in the newspaper. Go do hood in tje world :). Lisa

    • Thanks for this.
      I agree with you on calling the police and law enforcement agencies names or putting them down. There are many lazy jerks everywhere in every industry.
      Hopefully they will take your advice and get tested and then treated.
      Wars are started by selfish males with low self esteem, impotence and inferiority issues. Just look at what is going on with our state, county, town and government leaders.
      So many who do not belong in the positions that they have with benefits and incomes paid for by hard working people who deserve better.

    • Yes ! Agreed ! But we also really don’t need a literary spanking on testosterone, impotence etc from anybody who is bleary eyed and verbose at 1;20 AM. Maybe 20 mg of Melatonin would hopefully treat you……….

      • I have insomnia so I’m awake oh well. Doesn’t help that the helicopters fly over and emergency vehicles go by my house often.
        Not complaining just explaining what keeps me from a good night’s sleep.
        I don’t take drugs for sleep but thanks for the suggestion.
        If you are offended you may be part of the problem.

  4. Let’s see who’s convicted of multiple felonies and in prison by the end of 2024 LMAO!! Hint: he’s a tangerine imbecile grifter who dupes people with no critical thinking skills.

    • Ok Sam, but it was a lot of fun to see all the comments criticizing the first commentor.
      This one isn’t relevant to the story either, but it is relevant to your comment, so I hope you let it stand…

    • Giving unsolicited medical diagnoses and offering prescriptive advice to people you do not know is relevant to a story about a suspicious package? I’m a grouchy old lady and although I am not a doctor, I bet it’s not a testosterone issue. Mostly, I have allergies– to idiots and bores who are worse for my health than mold. Does using the word “idiots” disqualify a comment but a doctor dispensing specific medical advice to people they have never examined is okay? Sounds unprofessional and kind quackery-ish to me. These comments are, sorry, idiotic and boring. (Not sorry.)

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