Fresh breezes for Holmes Hole sailing

Holmes Hole racing had a good breeze for the latest sail. —Courtesy Holly Rodgers Wescott

What a glorious Sunday afternoon on the water. Seven boats of assorted sizes came out for a blustery 10-mile dash out into the Sound. 

There was a bit of a pileup at the starting line, but Beckett Colson in Silhouette strategically held back for 15 seconds or so, ending up to windward of the pack and able to take advantage of the clean air to reach the turn mark first. He was first across the line, but wasn’t able to outwit the handicap system.

With 15-knot winds, gusting to over 20 knots, most of the group finished in under two hours. The big boats were delighted, though even they could have benefited from a little more weight on the rail. There was a brief kerfuffle when a mega–motor yacht cut across the course, blaring its horn and forcing Mike Powers’ Artful Dodger to change course. And Woody Bowman’s catboat Julia Lee suffered a steering cable failure just as he was enjoying the wind and making great progress with two reefs in his sail. (He made it safely back to his mooring in the inner harbor with the help of the harbormaster!) 

Frank Sutula sailed Soma Holiday to victory, followed by Mike Powers’ Artful Dodger and David McDonough’s Trinity.

There’s still time to sign up for the annual Moffett Cup race, organized by Holmes Hole, which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 9. And, of course, you are always welcome to join Holmes Hole (