No one seriously hurt in Beach Road bike accident

A Tisbury ambulance transported a woman to the hospital for minor injuries from a bike accident. —Eunki Seonwoo

There were no serious injuries following a bike accident in front of The Times’ office on Beach Road Wednesday afternoon, during the paper’s deadline. 

A Tisbury ambulance raced to Beach Road on Wednesday, Sept. 6, where a cyclist had lost control of her bicycle after striking a curb.

Tisbury Police Lt. William Brigham told The Times in an email no other vehicles were involved in the accident. 

“The bicyclist was transported to the hospital for minor injuries,” Brigham said. “She wasn’t wearing a helmet, and there were no apparent road conditions present that would have contributed to the loss of control. Nobody was issued a citation.”


    • Vehicular accidents are always newsworthy.
      Engagements, not so much.
      Same for baby announcements.
      Babies get born everyday.

  1. If it didn’t make the news then everyone would want to know why not.
    Can win here damed if you do damed if you don’t.
    Seems the comment section has become the complaint section.

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