Jack Smith leaves wealth of evidence


To the Editor:

For anyone with a reasonably open mind, who wants a good understanding of the case Jack Smith has brought against Donald Trump, I strongly recommend Liz Cheney’s book, “Oath and Honor.”

It is well written, and clear. She describes in detail the facts unearthed from witnesses — almost all of them are Republicans — before Smith’s Department of Justice prosecutors and before the Joint Congressional Committee. She tells what actions Trump and his principal co-conspirators took, and what statements they made, or wrote. She also brings into her narrative a host of lesser-known people whose actions had relevance to the case.

Years from now, when historians write about the Trump era, they will find few, if any, significant errors in her description of the facts.

I believe that even our Island’s ardent defender of Trump, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, will be unable to find factual inaccuracies.

Whether those facts warrant a criminal conviction is, of course, for a jury to decide. But Jack Smith now has a wealth of evidence.

So read Liz Cheney’s book!


R.E.L. Knight
West Tisbury