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The river’s story

The river flowed through her life from the beginning, providing the chilly baptism of a child born too early. It was the place where...

Plea to preserve Denniston house

To the Editor:The following is a copy of a letter sent to Pam Melrose, chairman of the Oak Bluffs historical commission.I am writing on...

One World club exchangers visit Martha’s Vineyard

There are no school buses in New York and students travel from all over the city on the subway to get to school. Some of the students had only seen busses in films, and traveling on one was greatly enjoyed. They boarded their exotic yellow bus and headed off to Chappaquiddick where they were welcomed by The Trustees of Reservations to visit the Cape Poge Lighthouse.

Islanders visit New York City in bridge-building trip

The student exchange program began four years ago as a way to broaden cultural understanding.

New York high school students receive a taste of Island life

The "Two Islands, One World" cultural exchange provides an opportunity for Martha's Vineyard and New York students to walk in each others footsteps.

Martha’s Vineyard students get a taste of the Big Apple

For a group of 13 Vineyard high school students and chaperones, a visit to new York City helped broaden their understanding of the world.

Right back at you, New York students visit Island

In April a group of Island students visited their counterparts in Manhattan. In June, the city students returned the favor.

Martha’s Vineyard students get a taste of the big apple

The students traveled to new York City as part of a cultural exchange program intended to foster cultural literacy.

Two venerable gents inform Martha’s Vineyard road race

A road race has been named after two elder statesmen who inspired and nourished an event for the NAACP of Martha's Vineyard.

Irish history students say thanks

On behalf of the students of the Irish history class who will be traveling to Ireland on February 23, I wish to thank all of the members of our community who have supported the necessary fundraising in so many different ways.