Police net huge stash of drugs, cash in Oak Bluffs raid

Police net huge stash of drugs, cash in Oak Bluffs raid

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Police seized more than $51,000 worth of marijuana, narcotics, and cash from an Oak Bluffs home. — Photo courtesy of Martha's Vineyard Drug Task Force

Updated 12:50 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Police arrested three men and seized more than $51,000 worth of marijuana, prescription narcotics, and cash, in a morning raid on an Oak Bluffs house on Thursday, October 10.

An investigation by Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force detectives Nick Curelli and Mike Snowden led police to 7 Sea Glen Road, off Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, where members of the Oak Bluffs Police Department, State Police, and the drug task force, executed a search warrant about 10 am.

Arrested were Ryan Dunbar, 20, who lived at the Sea Glen address, William Rogers, 20, also a resident, and Sean Geddis, 20, of Edgartown.

Police said they seized approximately six pounds of high grade marijuana, 199 Percocet pills, and approximately $15,000 in cash from Mr. Dunbar. They estimate the street value of the marijuana at $30,000 and the pills at $6,000 to $10,000.

Police said they seized small amounts of marijuana and prescription narcotics from Mr. Rogers and prescription narcotics from Mr. Geddis.

The house is owned by Deborah L. Harris, according to assessors records. Police said they have been investigating Mr. Dunbar for some time, but he moved into the house on Sea Glen Road only recently.

The three men were arraigned Friday in Edgartown District Court.

Mr. Dunbar was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy to violate drug laws. He was ordered held on $5,000 bail, and remained in custody at the Dukes County Jail Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Rogers was charged with possession to distribute marijuana and other narcotics, and conspiracy. He was released on personal recognizance bail.

Mr. Geddis was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy. He was released on personal recognizance.

The court entered not guilty pleas for the three men on all of the charges, and ordered them to return to court on November 8 for a hearing.

Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Geddis are already facing drug charges in a separate case, according to court records. They were arrested after police stopped Mr. Dunbar’s vehicle in Edgartown this past July. In that case, they seized nearly one pound of marijuana and $5,669 in cash, according to the police report.

This article was updated to include information on arraignments and bail.


  1. They’ll get community service or something like that this is Martha’s Vineyard. In reality these criminals should be in a state penitentiary for along time. They’ve brought drugs into our community illegally and should serve hard time.

    1. I hope you’re wrong. It’s not right that our police officers have to risk their lives to catch these guys only to have to deal with them again.

        1. No. People with guns that are willing to use them are a risk to life, and sometimes people with certain types of “plants” have guns. Also illegal prescription narcotics aren’t plants in any form. These people didn’t have a cute little garden or arboretum or something.

          1. oh, I get it, plants don’t kill people, people with plants kill people.
            “That’s different ! never mind”

      1. Even with a legal dispensary this will still go on. When it becomes a source of taxable revenue only then will it go back to the personal cultivation life style.

  2. Id gladly exchange that pot for cigarettes . Cigarettes kill 443,000 people a year in the US alone. Id like to see them made illegal and pot legal.

      1. If cigarettes were illegal I can guarantee that no one would want to legalize them. They kill you.

        1. If you watch how often smokers take their smoking breaks and insist they need them you start to think people would definitely want to legalize it. People don’t care if things are bad for you

      2. If they show up at the hospital ODed on prescription pills will you expect the doctors to say “Sorry. You made your own choice”?

        1. I think she meant choice between pot and cigarettes. Prescription drugs are a whole different thing. Those are narcotics. Pot should have never been classified as a narcotic. I agree narcotics should be kept off the street and those who sell them.

          1. So would you rather your kid be in a car with a driver smoking pot or a driver smoking cigarettes while we’re letting people make their own choices? When they show up in serious pain at the hospital will we tell them they made their choice or use someone else’s money to treat them?

          2. Individuals have the right to do with their body as they wish up to the point at which a decision aggresses upon the right of another individual. In your hypothetical said patient should be liable for incurent cost of treatment to said doctor either through direct payment or by the second party payee of insurance.

          3. Why would a driver be smoking pot? It isnt addictive. Alot of people dont even like the stuff. so if someone plans on driving they stay away from the stuff. In the case of cigarettes the driver has to have one because of the addiction.

          4. Almost anything can be addictive. Especially things that are pleasurable. This is why many people just can’t wait to do it or get it. People aren’t doing it because they don’t like it.

          5. People with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using. Thats why they call pot smoking a habit. With a habit you can choose whether to do it or not without physical or mental effects.

          6. technically, a healthy person will cost taxpayers more money in their lifetime than a smoker/drug user- that longer retirement really adds up. It’s a grim way to look at it, but as far as letting people make their own choices, cost to the rest of us isn’t really an issue.

  3. this is a game the police catch this kid every couple of months… then give him his cash back. this is all for show…

    1. The courts give him his money back. Just like the courts don’t make the punishment bad enough so they wont want to go back out and do it again.

      1. money’s gone.

        What’s to keep the new” legal” growers from selling on the street?

        1. The largest profits from dispensaries out west are from the legal growers selling illegally. It is what it is. Legalization won’t be far down the line maybe 5 years.

          1. “The largest profits from dispensaries out west are from the legal growers selling illegally.” Got a citation or source for that?

          2. Personal experience. Not to mention all weed sold legally on a state level is still sold illegally on a federal basis.

          3. Personal experience? Really? Do you spend very much time poring over Californian THC sellers’ ledgers?

          4. I firmly believe that the vast majority of drugs smuggled into this country are sanctioned and supported by Factions of our own Government to control and set up puppet leaders and drug cartels around the world, Ask Ollie North about The Iran-Contra Affair. It’s easy money that does not have to be approved by congress.

  4. The criminal law isn’t going to stop this, it’s time to seriously think about legalization. No amount of prison will stop the next guy from selling pot when there’s so much demand. It’s a waste of the public’s money, and it puts police officers in harms way over something that isn’t inherently dangerous. Cigarettes and alcohol are far worse, we’ve figured out to manage those. We can figure this out too without jails.

      1. It won’t take long if you care to educate yourself by trying to find some factual basis for your comment to realize how wrong your comment is.

        And it’s “Cigarettes and alcohol ARE far worse”.
        I add that comment not to criticize you, but to let you know that when posting on a public forum, people will think less of your comment if it is not grammatically correct.
        When choosing between is and are , take one of the subjects (cigarettes or alcohol) out,and think about how it sounds. — in this case, because “cigarettes” is plural, it demands “are” regardless of the rest of the sentence.

          1. however you want to take it.. i took some time to give you some advice– you can do whatever you want with it.

            As i said, it was not to criticize you.

          2. Should I think less of this comment because the first letter in the sentence and the I’s weren’t capitalized? We might need your advice on that.

      2. It is unfortunate that such ignorance still survives in modern society. Cigarettes and alcohol cause more health problems and deaths, are responsible for more social ill, and cost taxpayers more money than pot ever could. I’d be interested in hearing exactly why you think the one is worse than the others.

        1. Give me a person who drinks one or two drinks a day over a pot head any day. Give me a person who smokes three cigarettes a day over a person who smokes three joints all day. Maybe we could look at suicide rates of people that smoke a joint a day vs people that have a drink or a cigarette a day. Maybe we could look at who is more “successful”. I’ve never seen a person smoke a cigarette, and then all of a sudden….there goes the whole day. Also….alcohol passes through the system. It is a poison. Drinking a drink a day is healthy. It doesn’t have a cumulative affect. After drinking a drink a day for a year a person may actually be healthier. A cigarette a day will not affect your brain. The tar is bad, but you can still be of reasonable health in both body and mind. After a year there won’t be much difference. After a year of smoking a joint every day there is a difference. You are specifically smoking something designed to affect your brain negatively. Not your lungs or nervous system. Your brain. After a year your brain will do things worse. If someone asked me “Hey. You are in a situation where you need a surgeon to save your life. You can have the one that had a glass of wine every night, the one that had a cigarette every night, or the one that had a joint every night”….well…..I know who I’m eliminating first.

          1. I would eliminate the one smoking the cigarettes of course. Any doctor that smokes cigarettes does not really care about her health. Why would I entrust my health to her?

            How many people do you know that smoke one cigarette a day?

            I think you should do a little looking around before you make a statement like ” A cigarette a day will not affect your brain.”– of course it does. That’s why you will not find people who smoke only one cigarette a day– it affects their brains and turns them into cash cow zombies for the tobacco companies.
            In case you are interested in the actual effects on the brain, I have a link for you:

            You also compare a cigarette a day to a joint a day and a drink a day. A better comparison would be to equate the joint with a bottle of wine, or a pack of cigarettes.
            I think most pot smokers do not consume an entire joint in one sitting, as most wine drinkers do not consume the entire bottle, or tobacco addicts do not binge once a day and smoke a whole pack in one or two hours.
            A single hit from a joint is more comparable to a single drink or a single cigarette

          2. You won’t find people that will smoke only one cigarette, but you find lots of people that take a single hit?

          3. actually, sometimes when I am at a party ( I am over 60) , someone will pass a joint around, and I see lots of people that only take one hit. On the rare occasion that I smoke, one hit only.

          4. The great majority of people I know that smoke pot not only don’t smoke an entire joint at one sitting, they don’t smoke every day.
            It’s pretty rare to see someone who only has a few drags off a cigarette a few times a month. Such is the brain changing addictive nature of nicotine.

          5. There is nothing rare about casual smokers of cigarettes. There is also nothing rare about infrequent drinkers.

          6. tiskid, it’s interesting to note you are so determined to malign those who choose to smoke marijuana. are you a little sensitive about your own habits?
            Can you name one single instance where a person who had smoked even a whole joint drove high and killed someone? ever hear of MADD? ever get a dui? oh, and pot smokers do not have a high rate of lung cancer, that I know of. remember when we called them cancer sticks? you should educate yourself.

          7. I have nothing against MADD. NO, I’ve never gotten a dui or oui. I’m not buying that nobody drives high.

          8. I smoked cigs for a few months when dating a woman who smoked, so the kisses wouldn’t taste so bad. what a surprise to find I got higher off a single cigarette than any joint I have ever inhaled.

          9. This link had no comparisons with marijuana. There was discussion of the effect of nicotine, on the brain. So now do we get to see what THC does to a brain? What effects motor skills? Motivation? Memory? Perception of reality? Ability to do math? Anything like that?

          10. Tiskid: Every single point that you made in that post above is spurious. Every. Single. One. You can’t trot out a bunch of dated stereotypes about hippies and expect us to take your opinion seriously.

          11. Nor can I take seriously the whole marijuana as health food for highly productive urban yuppies and great athletes revisionism.

          12. There are certainly a great number of people whose productivity is not noticeably diminished by the occasional or periodic toke, but you can’t tell them by looking at them, nor can the DEA churn out a biased study about them.

            Unless you live in a bunker in the woods (a possibility I am unwilling to rule out) it is likely that many of the people you know do smoke pot. You just don’t realize it because they don’t advertise it or match your cliched expectations.

            Where those potheads you deride exist, they are more the equivalent of a dry drunk or daytime drunk. It has more to do with their personal problems than their choice of intoxicant.

          13. I never said for a minute that occasional pot users can’t be happy and productive people. I said I disagree that alcohol and cigarettes are worse. And I do. I have no desire to try to convince the legalize it crowd of something they would never allow themselves to be convinced of, and consider themselves too educated and experienced to know better than.

          14. Google NORML, National Organization For Reform Of Marijuana Laws, Very informative information and links compiled from thousands of reports and studies both from our Federal Government and highly regarded medical institutions from around the world. I guarantee you! If you actually read documents and studies from the American Cancer Society You will look into Medical Marijuana for yourself or a family member.

          15. I have a doctor. If needed I’ll ask him “Would this med make sense and would it be the best med that could help me/them”. In the mean time I would insist on considering medicinal beer and wine too.

  5. I think everyone is getting more caught up in the issue about legalizing marijuana/medical marijuana than the real problem which is these men were arrested with around 200 percocet pills, which should be viewed no different than heroin. Marijuana is one thing and may be less destructive than alcohol and cigarettes, however, opiates such as percocets when abused, kill and wreck lives. These men are drug dealers and are poluting our society with poison.

    I see so many of the people I grew up with on this island suffering from substance abuse issues. Many of said people cannot get through a day without getting high. They started out smoking a little pot and this eventually turned into blowing a line of cocaine at a party or taking a percocet whilte they drank. Now, many of these people who were casual drug takers back in the day are now addicts who cannot get through one single day without feeding their habit. These people are still probably smoking weed, blowing the occasional line of cocaine but are now injecting percocets or heroin just to get through the day. This is reality and I find it to be extremely sad.

    1. “These men are drug dealers and are [polluting] our society with poison.”

      I agree with this sentiment, but in reference to the doctors that egregiously over-prescribe hard painkillers, as well as the pharmaceutical and insurance companies that are part of that process.

  6. How come the biggest part of these conversations is always missed? Percocet is an Opiate based drug that is not grown or processed in a back yard or the woods, It is manufactured by huge Government sponsored and supported, Pharmaceutical company’s and sold by rigorously trained and licensed Pharmacists. How is it getting to the streets in these numbers in the first place. And why does the Federal Government not care. The drug war is about money and the dealer on the street is not buying congress with campaign funds. Legalize the harmless Marijuana Let everyone grow their own, And go get the bastards that are killing our kids.

    1. excellent point.
      for years the so called war on drugs has been wasting money and resources chasing down pot smokers. The real drug problem is with heroin, meth and opiates.

  7. so it’s still against the law to sell pot. Ok, give them a fine for that, and donate the confiscated pot to hospice. i am sure that organization would find proper use for it.

    Then focus on the real drug problem, which is heroin, crack, meth, molly, and the opiates. Jail does nothing to young people but harden them. better to have some educational programs, and appropriate community service. These are 20 year olds, still green behind the ears.. Send them to a rehab clinic, educate them, and have them do something positive for the community.

  8. washashore got deleted when responding to one of my comments. I have no idea why, it was a reasonable although impractical (in my opinion) idea. If we are going to deal with the drug problems we have, we need to have out of the box ideas put on the table.
    It is obvious that our current strategies are working, but could be improved on. I appeal to Doug to not be so quick to hit the censor button. This forum is for an exchange of ideas, and in my opinion, washashore did not violate any of the rules here.

    1. Thanks – I didn’t think I did either. You’re right it is impractical, but I don’t think some of these kids would be doing this type of stuff or acting this way if they had more exposure to life off the island. They’d stick out like a sore thumb in a place like East New York (the place I suggested) trying to be hard criminals. Regardless of Dukes counties poverty level, this is a very privileged place to grow up.

  9. The thing is while this amount of drugs may seem shocking to a little island,you all fill your little jail with weed smokers and put people om probation that assult people because you are afraid the weed will lead to more assults. shhesh

  10. Someone should really just donate it all to cancer patients, or atleast to the people who will actually benefit from the loot…

  11. did you read any of the links i posted ?
    I am not saying that pot makes you a better athlete, only that the most decorated olympian ever smokes pot. Please note your comment that he could have been better– perhaps he could have been worse. We don’t know. perhaps those bronze winners could have won gold if they smoked as much as Phelps.. We don’t know. I am not saying Phelps would have lost if he didn’t smoke, or someone else would have have won if they did.

    But one thing for certain here, you sound off with your opinions, offer no studies of facts, and go off on tangents

    I have given you information about things you have questioned.
    Clearly, pot smokers have a lower suicide rate than the general public, and alcoholics and tobacco addicts have the highest rates.. And the most decorated athlete in history smokes pot.
    Any Questions ?

  12. Yeah. Why do you keep moving the goal posts and disavowing what you said? You said pot “produces” the “best” “athletes” in the “world”. So how exactly does it “produce” such an athlete? And since you mentioned athletes in plural perhaps we can find more example than just one of how it produced the best athlete in a certain field.

  13. I definitely read your post where Michael Phelps firmly denies marijuana use. I think it said he was a one time used due to lapse in judgement. How you go from that to producing the world’s best athletes …pretty interesting source there.