Florida driver cited after truck-moped accident injures two


Edgartown police arrested and cited a 78-year old Florida man last Thursday after an accident that left two moped riders injured.

According to police reports, Jack Butman, who was driving a 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck, fled the scene of the accident at West Tisbury Road and Meetinghouse Way. He was later apprehended at Wilson’s Landing and cited for leaving the scene of an accident, negligent operation of motor vehicle, and failure to yield.

Witnesses told police that Mr. Butman turned onto Meetinghouse Way and struck a moped traveling in the opposite direction.

Police identified the moped driver as Casey Smith, 21, of Edgartown, and his passenger as Richard Lupo, 26, of Portland, Maine. EMTs treated them at the scene for neck and spine injuries, as well as abrasions, then transported to the two men to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, according to the report.

Police said Mr. Butman was defiant and agitated when police caught up with him, and he told police that the mopeds ran a stop sign and hit him.

“I advised Mr. Butman there was no stop sign there,” wrote Sgt. Jonathan Searle in his report. “I asked Mr. Butman if he saw the two injured subjects lying on the ground, and he stated that he did, but reiterated that they had hit him. I asked Mr. Butman why he would have left the accident scene regardless of who was at fault, and he stated that he ‘didn’t want to get caught up in the hassle.'”

Police say they observed fresh damage to the left front quarter of Mr. Butman’s vehicle.

Sgt. Searle said that, based on the damage and the statements by witnesses, Mr. Butman “clearly was aware that he was involved in the accident, and that two persons were injured, and he intentionally fled the scene in an attempt not to be identified.”