New York drug suspect skips bail in drug case


The Edgartown District Court issued a default arrest warrant Friday, April 20, for Emile Rowe, 29, of Hollis, New York, after he failed to appear in court for a bail hearing.

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested Mr. Rowe on Friday, April 13, outside the small shed where he was living at 29 Andrews Road in the Skiff Avenue neighborhood of Tisbury. Police seized $5,047 in cash and nine grams of cocaine from the shed.

Mr. Rowe posted $5,000 cash bail following his arraignment on Tuesday, April 17, on a charge of dealing cocaine. The Commonwealth asked Dukes County Superior Court clerk magistrate Joseph Sollito, who presided over the bail hearing, to set bail at $10,000.

While declining to discuss the specifics of his decision, Mr. Sollito emphasized that bail is not punishment, and is governed by specific guidelines to insure that the defendant appears for his next court date.

By failing to appear in court as ordered, the court has the right to seize the $5,000 bail.

This is the second time the court has issued a default warrant for Mr. Rowe. In 2010 members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested him on a charge of dealing cocaine on Martha’s Vineyard.

The court continued that case without a finding for one year. According to police, the court ordered a default arrest warrant when Mr. Rowe did not make the required court payments in that case. That warrant was active at the time of his arrest on April 13.