When is it enough?


That’s enough

To the Editor:

In last week’s paper we were encouraged to explore the acreage managed by the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, which has been buying and protecting acreage from development since 1959. In 1986, voters established the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank, which takes a percentage of real estate sales and buys other properties to protect. Together, these two organizations have acquired more than 4,000 acres of Martha’s Vineyard — about seven percent of her land area.

I think this is great that we have this resource to visit and commune with Mother Nature and feel its relaxing effect on the human spirit. But both organizations are continuing to survey the landscape in an attempt to purchase additional properties to protect from development. At what point can we say that we have protected enough of our Island?

Today, one acre in 14 is already protected. The more land that is sequestered like this, the less land will be available for homes for our children and grandchildren. I think at some point we need to decide, once a certain percentage of our Island is protected, that’s enough.

Jim Osborn

Vineyard Haven