Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: June 10-14, 2013



June 14, Peter J. Oberfest and Barbara I. Coles sold 10 Valley Lane to Andrew J. Frackman and Emily F. Braun for $2,050,000.


June 14, Douglas W. Cann, trustee of Cedar Street Realty Trust, sold 20 Woodland Ave. to EDJ Legacy LLC for $995,000.

Oak Bluffs

June 10, Charles R. and Brenda T. Lehman sold 103 Barnes Rd. to Lorraine Wilson-Drake for $510,000.

June 12, Larkin B. and Grace A. Reeves sold 26 Pocasset Ave. to Deborah J. Arrindell for $370,000.

June 12, Natasha S. White a/k/a Natasha S. Graham sold 164 Barnes Rd. to Jonathan M. Holter for $295,000.

June 12, Marion Lavoie f/k/a Marion Malliet sold 5 Sages Way to Peter R. and Colleen Bisi for $215,000.

June 14, Eileen T. Reilly sold 7 Little Rock Way to Margaret S. Pattison for $510,000.


June 10, Anthony N. Greenleaf and Catherine Creegan n/k/a Catherine Creegan-Greenleaf sold 47 Howard St. to Jil M. Matrisciano for $550,000.

June 14, Avi Lev sold 133 Franklin Terrace to Esther L. Davis for $460,000.

West Tisbury

June 10, Marc Rosenbaum and Jill De La Hunt sold 5 Rock Pond Rd. to Jill Petranek, Robert Petranek, and Thomas Andrews for $466,000.

June 10, Paul C. McLaughlin and Maria M. Nortz, trustees of 42 West Farm Road Realty Trust, sold 42 West Farm Rd. to Michael S. Stein and Ellen S. Schwartz for $1,020,000.

June 11, Nancy Vincent Hawksbee sold 5 Vincent Rd. to Jaka M. and Gad M. Saarony for $500,000.

June 14, Margaret S. Pattison sold 96 Longview Rd. to Kevin L. Newman and Karen O’Neill-Newman for $625,000.