Laughs, ties, and boutonnieres, oh my!

Junior girls Olivia Smith, Whitney Schroeder, Cana Courtney, Lena Hanschka, Madison McBride, Adelaide Keene, Natalija Lakis, and Ana Pires at Ernie Boch's estate on May 14. -Photo courtesy Cana Courtney

By Casey McAndrews

After several years of hopeful suspense, young dreams were fulfilled on Saturday, May 14, at the junior prom. This year’s prom was held at the Sailing Camp in Oak Bluffs. The juniors were given permission to take pictures before the dance at the sprawling estate of Ernie Boch. Couples picked out flowers, visited nail and hair salons, and put on their dresses and tuxedos with friends.

“Getting ready for the prom was the best part because you treat yourself to things you normally wouldn’t,” said Lena Hanschka.

Whitney Schroeder feels that the night was everything she had always imagined it would be. “I always looked forward to getting all dressed up and having a date that I would have fun with, and all of that worked out really well,” she said.

Ernie Boch Jr., CEO and president of Boch Enterprises, allowed the class to take pictures on his property.

“My favorite part of the night was going to Ernie Boch’s house to take pictures. Mr. Boch was so generous and his property was beautiful,” said Juniper Ezanno.

“Our whole class was there and it was the first time any grade had taken pictures at his estate,” said Whitney.

The students then ventured over to dance at the Sailing Camp. “The actual prom was my favorite part, because of the music and everyone was there, so it was really fun,” said Doug DeBettencourt.

“I loved the decorations in the Sailing Camp, and how we could stand on the deck outside and watch the sunset,” said Whitney.

Junior class advisor and history teacher Andrew Vandall enjoyed a night at the prom as well. “Prom is always a momentous time for young people to exercise the beginning stages of their rights of adulthood,” said Mr. Vandall. “Students begin to make real choices about what to wear, how to present themselves, and how to act in a very public, social setting. This year as a junior class advisor, I was thoroughly impressed with the conduct and adult-like composure of all the attendees. It was awesome.”

The night ended with the crowning of the junior class royalty. Danielle Hopkins and Alex Figueroa were pronounced prom king and queen with a final dance.