As I write this, I’m counting down the hours until I go back to work. By the time you are reading it, I’ll already be working alongside my amazing academic peers prepping our classrooms, learning about our incoming students, planning our lessons, and getting ready for another exciting new school year. I will miss my summer, but I do very much look forward to seeing all my kids. See everyone on Sept. 6!

Edgartown School families, mark your calendars. The Annual Open House, Garden Celebration and Pot Luck Dinner is set for Sept. 21, from 6 pm until 8 pm. Also coming up in the early fall will be the K-4 Curriculum Night on Oct. 5 and the 5-8 Curriculum Night on Oct. 6. Both of these events run from 6 until 7:30 pm.

I’m seeing lots of college pictures showing up on Facebook. Good luck to all those kids heading off to college this week, whether it’s your first year or your last year. And, just as important, good luck to all you parents letting your kids go, whether it’s your first time or hundredth time. From the moment our babies are born, every moment has been building up to these changes. Every step they took as a toddler was a step closer to independence and further from us. Bittersweet stuff, to be sure.

This is the kind of news tidbit that makes me grateful that I live in a quaint little country community. Suzan Bellincampi sent out a press release with an osprey update. Suzan wrote, “It has been a summer of love and a very successful breeding season for Island osprey. Vineyard numbers from the 19th annual osprey census show an excellent year. A record high of 90 active nests were observed, beating last year’s numbers by two nests. At these 90 nests, 144 osprey young fledged, again a record. Breeding success was high, with 85.6 percent of active nests successful. In addition, there were at least six housekeepers/househunters (adult birds that are seeking and beginning to build a nest, but did not complete the nest and lay eggs). With the adults, unpaired osprey, and fledglings, there were more than 336 osprey in the air over the Island!

“The efforts to count, monitor, and record osprey breeding success is a monumental task, considering that there are 200 total (active and inactive) osprey poles and nesting structures on the Vineyard. Along with osprey researcher Rob Bierregaard and lead monitor Dick Jennings, 27 citizen science volunteers from Felix Neck supported the efforts by monitoring one or more poles in their neighborhoods. Collectively, they logged more than 1,800 hours on this project.”

The Edgartown Council on Aging, also known as the Anchors, is seeking Edgartown residents as new volunteer board members to advise and supervise the COA, which is a department of the Town of Edgartown providing services, events, activities, and programs to Edgartown and Island elders. The board meets once a month, ten months out of the year, to provide support and guidance. The meetings are pleasant, fun, interesting, and no longer than an hour and a half. Pastries, coffee, and refreshments provided. Please call Paul Mohair, administrator, at 508-627-4368 for more information.

Congratulations and thank you to Jeff and Fran Agnoli for adopting Skyler, an absolutely adorable lab-mix puppy, through Second Chance Animal Rescue. Just about every critter I’ve ever had has been a rescue. There are just so many out there that need homes. Skyler is a lucky pup. And no one in the world loves you like a dog. Good luck with those puppy teeth and housebreaking. If anyone is thinking of a new pet, please consider a rescue.

The 2016 Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival will take place Sept. 6 through 11. This year, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society Global Citizen Award will be presented on Friday, Sept. 9 to Ms. Sharon Stone for her charitable work and philanthropy across the globe. The award will be presented at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center’s state-of-the-art theater in Vineyard Haven. Please visit mvfilmsociety.com for more details regarding this award and the film lineup.

Oak Bluffs will again be hosting the Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival. Although it takes place in Ocean Park, it is meant to bring people together from all Island towns. This year it will take place on Sept. 10, with a rain date of Sept. 11. There will be free kite making for children from 10:30 to noon. Adult flying competitions start at 1 pm; it is a great family event. I hope people from every town come and enjoy the day. The web site is mvwindfestival.com. If there are any questions, call Holly Alaimo at 508-693-5444.

It is a very quiet news week. And I mean very quiet. It’s that end of summer “I’m too shocked to think about anything right now and just so eternally grateful that I made it through another summer” news drought. It’s OK. You all get one week to come up for air, take a deep breath, relax, and rejoice. But next week, please send me some updates. Otherwise I’ll be forced to share my deep thoughts and weird diatribes!

Have a great week. Please remember that starting this Friday, you will start seeing kids waiting at bus stops and walking or biking to school. Drive carefully.