45 Quansoo customers lose Internet


Former Arnold Worldwide president John C. Verret wrote The Times that he was irked with Verizon’s delayed and frustrating response to an extended Internet outage in Quansoo.

“On the night of June 11, 2017, approximately 45 Verizon DSL customers who live in the Quansoo neighborhood of Chilmark lost their Wi-Fi service. The service was not restored until the night of June 26,” he wrote. Mr. Verret went on to suggest that Verizon may have duped Congressman Bill Keating by stating that all of the Vineyard is cabled when, according to Mr. Verret, Quansoo is not. In a telephone call with The Times, he said his experience with Verizon’s overseas customer service representatives was maddening and yielded no results. The fix, he said, was Island-grown. He credited local Verizon worker John Healy for personal initiative and creative tinkering that ultimately restored Internet service. Up until Mr. Healy’s repair, Mr. Verret said, Verizon claimed the problem was located somewhere off-Island.

The issues were identified and repaired, Verizon representative Michael Murphy said in a statement to The Times. “We troubleshot and found that a particular ‘interface module’ in an equipment cabinet on-Island required replacement. Our engineers and field technicians worked with the original equipment manufacturer to devise a solution to bring HSI back online for affected customers — and that repair was completed on the afternoon of [two days later than customers say the service was already back on].

“We apologize to any customers inconvenienced by the outage caused by the equipment failure.”