Edgartown: Ted Morgan


Columns like today’s are a challenge to write. Much of my column was already written today, early for a change. But as I was checking out birthdays and events online, I found out that Ted Morgan had passed away. And now writing this column just seems frivolous.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing Ted most of my life, I guess, particularly my adult years, when he and my dad became golf buddies, as well as through parades and veterans’ events with Jamie and Riley. He was truly an example of all that is good in people. He was kind and giving, a true friend, a good husband and father, a war hero, a strong community member, and selectman for 31 years, and a role model for so many. I am trying to come up with something eloquent and worthy of Mr. Morgan, but I find myself without words. My family loved Ted so much. From the hours he, Pop, Sherm, and Marty spent on the golf course to the casual conversations at the Post Office, to the care, respect, and support he has shown Riley in his own military quest, Ted has been a man of distinction. He was larger than life, and yet just a small-town guy at the same time. Our world would benefit from more people like him. The sadness in town over this news is palpable, as this is such a blow to all of us in our little community. There are just some that we hope will always be there. Ted was one of those people. He will be truly missed. My condolences to Floss and the rest of the Morgans during this difficult time. I am truly very sorry for your loss.

The nice weather this weekend has brought people to the Island and out of the woodwork. Houses are getting turned on, yard work is getting done, bikes are getting tuned up, and exercisers are out in full force. I did read recently that we shouldn’t be too eager to get out there to rake and mulch. Good news for some of us, isn’t it? Seriously, pollinators that winter over in the soil and leaves may not have woken up yet; mulching over those that winter over in the soil or raking up leaves and tossing the debris to the dump is harmful to them. So if you can fight off the urge to clean up, at least until we get a string of several 50° days, it’s healthiest for the environment.

The ELA MCAS tests are done in Edgartown. What a grind these tests are. It’s really a team effort to get this testing done, but it’s the kids that have to sit down and actually take them. I’m so proud of them. They really worked hard, and put in a great effort. We have math and science to come in May. Until then, we’re going to have some fun in computer class.

Things are happening at the Anchors, as always. Learn about Rising Tide and its therapeutic horse riding and horse care on Friday, April 12, at 1 pm. Benefits can include social engagement, lowering blood pressure, stress relief, core strengthening, flexibility of joints, PTSD, coping with grief, and more. They are also offering cell phone troubleshooting on Wednesdays, April 10 and 17, 1 pm, with Wendy and Meris. Tuesday, April 16, brings you

Coffee with a Cop at 11 am with Officer Will Bishop. Or you can have lunch with Edgartown selectmen Friday, April 26. If you’re feeling crafty, they’ve got beading with Meris on Monday, April 22, from 9:30 until 10:30 am. And last, make a spring centerpiece craft with Donna on Monday, April 29, from 9:30 to 10:30. Call 508-627-4368 to sign up for any of these great offerings.

The Edgartown Federated Church invites anyone to join them on Sunday, April 14, to celebrate Palm Sunday at the 10:30 am service. And you are also welcome to attend the Tenebrae service at the Federated Church Parish House on Thursday evening, April 18, at 7 pm. Music for both services is provided by the Federated Church Choir, under the direction of Peter R. Boak, minister of music, while the services and Communion are presided by the Rev. Sharon Eckhardt, pastor. Call 508-627-4421, or email officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com for more information.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week to Melinda DeFeo on April on April 9, Rose Walsh on April 10, Megan McDonald, Pam Cassidy, and Kathy Mercier on April 12, and Paula Smith on April 13.

That’s it for this week. I find that I need to go sit quietly with some memories for a bit. The sadness I see in my kids’ faces sums up how so many of us feel today. Riley is just heartbroken. Ted was one of his true heroes, and more important, his friend. It was an honor that Riley did not take lightly, and Ted will always be an example for my son. And Amelia put into words a thought that I myself had, when she said, “I’ve never lived in a world without Ted.” Neither have I, Amelia. It won’t be the same.