Edgartown: Joys of home with family


I have to say, I am completely shocked at how fast time is passing during this crazy spring. I can’t believe May arrives on Friday. Of course, that particular disbelief could come from the incessant rain and cold we’ve experienced in April. We get one sunny day and then it seems like it rains for the next eight days. Part of me thinks it’s probably for the best while we’re living in the era of stay-at-home orders. People come out of the woodwork when the sun comes out and the temperatures rise. So the weather has probably been a factor in our low COVID-19 numbers. But the other side of me whines that it’s not fair that we have to stay home and it’s nasty weather. But I’ve got lots of work to keep me busy, I’m tied to home with my best girl, Amelia, and this has really provided me time to heal from all my ailments this winter. All in all, I feel quite lucky. All you young parents out there, trying to work from home with little ones running around the house? I see you and I salute you. And for those of you suddenly wearing your teacher hat with those kids at home, especially those trying to figure out how they actually do math these days, hats off to you as well. My kids would ask me to help with their homework and I always said, “I can help you get the right answer but I can only do it how I learned. I have no idea what you’re doing right there.” The “new” new math. You parents are all doing great. Keep up the good work.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Jennie Lindland on April 27, Paulo DeOliveira on April 28, Holly Mercier on April 29, Matthew Cutter on April 30, Liz Stobart on May 1, and Amy Coffey on May 2.

I think that school being closed for the rest of the year was decided since my last column. We will be continuing with remote learning and teaching for the remainder of this school year and MCAS has been waived for the year. Some kids seem to be thriving with this remote learning, while others have shared how they look forward to getting back to school. I’ve had the kids write to me sharing what they’ve been doing that they want to continue after all of this craziness is over. A lot of the kids have been exercising and getting outside a lot. So many of them have shared that they have really been enjoying all the extra time with their families, going for walks, making puzzles, or playing games. Let’s face it, this pandemic comes with it’s problems and inconveniences but it has slowed us all down a lot and I don’t know about you but I could not be more grateful for this time with my girl. From that point of view, life is pretty magical right now. I don’t get to see my dad as often as I’d like, as I’m trying to stay away so I won’t carry any germs his way but at this point, I think it’s more important to visit the old guy more often and risk it. These can be lonely days for people who can’t get out much and live alone. If you’ve got anyone around you or in your life that needs a little extra help, don’t forget to check in on them. And don’t forget that the Island schools are still providing food for families who need it. Check out their website for details and to sign up.

The construction ban was set to loosen up a little bit today. So many workers have been chomping at the bit to get back out there. There are rules to follow about sanitizing and safety, but it’s a start. Please everyone, stay safe. Please, as we start going back to work or go out in public a bit more, remember to wear a mask and continue social distancing. It really is key. People have been noting that this pandemic hasn’t been as bad as expected, but sort of ignore that the reason our numbers are low and we’re doing pretty well is because we all stay at home where we are supposed to. In the coming weeks, when more things begin to open, we still need to stay home, wear masks when we go out, wash our hands a lot, and just be super careful.

My boy has completed his training at Camp LeJeune and is now safely ensconced out at Twentynine Palms, Calif. The new arrivals are currently in quarantine for 14 days so for the first time in about five months, he’s a wee bit bored. Today we discussed the musical talents of Cat Stevens. He’s listened to Cat Stevens before, and certainly heard some of his music when I forced him to watch “Harold and Maude” with me a few years ago, but to know he is listening to it on his own is amazing for me. Today he said he listened to Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. He may look just like his father, but he’s got some of Mama in there as well.

I’d say that’s about it for this week. Be careful out there. It’s not all about just you out there. Or me for that matter. It’s about so many people worldwide. Let’s not forget them and their wellbeing. Have a good week.

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