Salt Rock delivers cheer with chocolate

Salt Rock Chocolates is delivering chocolates to to your door during social distancing. —Courtesy Salt Rock Chocolates

Salt Rock Chocolate Co. in West Tisbury is continuing to satisfy your sweet tooth by delivering chocolates while everyone is staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although they had to cease their regular operations, Ali Flanders, co-owner of Salt Rock, said she and her sister, Sarah, are excited to be able to provide a little bit of happiness to Islanders with their sweet treats.

“We are so thrilled to be back up and running. It’s nice to have things to take up my day again, and that has always been our goal — to bring little moments of joy to people’s day with our chocolate,” Flanders said.

So far, Flanders said the reaction from the community has been tremendously positive, with many orders being made before their official start date on Thursday, April 30. 

Recently, Flanders said the family chocolate company has had to adapt their entire business model because of the public health crisis, but the pair of chocolatiers are continuing to churn out chocolates.

“People are really excited for the almond butter crunch, and we have had a lot of people asking about the truffles too. The orders just keep coming in, so we definitely have a lot of chocolate to make,” Flanders said.

Flanders said Salt Rock is waiting to “see what happens next” in the world, and continue to adapt their business model to keep serving up yummy chocolates to the Vineyard.

“It’s nice to hear from people who say they are looking forward to getting some of our chocolate,” Flanders said. 

The two sisters are hoping to do deliveries together so they can spend time with each other, but Flanders said if the company gets inundated with orders, one of them might have to stay at the shop to keep up the chocolate production.

In order to keep themselves and their customers safe, the chocolatiers are wearing proper protective equipment like masks and gloves, and are cleaning and sanitizing their workspace frequently. 

“There are lots of health requirements that take up a large part of our day — lots of scrubbing and stuff,” Flanders said.

Flanders said she hopes bringing chocolates to people’s doorsteps will provide a sense of normalcy in this difficult time. 

“It’s pretty amazing how chocolate can totally change your day and bring so much happiness,” Flanders said.

To place an order or learn more, go to Salt Rock Chocolate Co.’s website