Tisbury: Holding a deeper connection


Heard on Main Street: “There’s nothing brave about running into traffic just because you can.” [That’s the answer to how soon everything should open, from an Islander’s comment.]

If those bearded screaming men with military firearms are American Patriots, don’t call me that. I prefer to simply be called American — because true Americans don’t behave like that.

Islanders are doing well because people are being careful, realizing protecting others is also protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Those threatening screamers, all bunched up together, with no masks, and spreading their germs indoors — I can’t get them out of my mind. Am I callous enough to hope they infect each other? They have certainly infected each other with wild — and selfish — behavior. I want my hard-earned money as well. But do I want to risk my life to open up the world right now? No. At this point, the future scares all of us. But having a tantrum won’t help. If it would, I admit I’d try it.

The Vineyard Haven library and Healthy Aging M.V. are planning a discussion on how to open libraries safely. Makes me think of all those library books I read years ago that when you opened them, cigarette ashes spilled from the pages and the book smelled of smoke. It never occurred to me then to worry about germs from those earlier readers. Will we have to wear gloves when we are looking at books in the library? Makes sense but a little annoying, as are many things in this new world

Our library has been so popular that two months ago it would have been difficult to keep a safe distance. I must admit I am sorry ladies no longer wear white gloves. Of course, I tossed most of mine. They would be so much more comfortable to wear if you were holding a book than rubbery gloves. I almost said plastic gloves, but are they plastic? Mine just say “latex-free.” Probably I should ask the Times editor to simply clean up this paragraph for me.

One friend suggested eBooks, but I don’t like them. I have tried. I am happier holding a proper book in my hands. I can tuck a small paper in a page that I may want to go back to, and I like it to be easy to look at footnotes at the end or character listings at the beginning, while I am in the middle of the book. The eBooks offer too many problems to allow me the pleasure of reading a real book.

I am so happy that the Times is going back to print. I miss reading the hard copy, especially since I lost my password so have been very happy with The Minute. The Minute is just perfect as I now limit my news exposure. I find I get less upset with our world if I do that. But I miss the fun stuff and the ads — never thought you’d hear me say that.

Some bad news from old friends has made me feel more isolated than ever. I so want to be there and help — though they’d all be quick to refuse it these days, quite properly. It hurts not to be able to do anything for those we love who are hurting so far away.

I need to keep reminding myself to count my blessings, especially those wonderful Islanders who do all kinds of things for me. I love old friends who call just to chat and email what I call ‘smiles.’ They include children’s antics, old jokes, and many new ones. And lovely emails asking how things are going in my life right now — those kindnesses make for a long list of smiles and warm feelings.

And, of course, a few days of sunshine certainly helps as well.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Garry Metters, whether he’s still on Island or not. I wish everyone else a day to celebrate your life. Be safe and be careful, please.

Heard on Main Street: Perhaps it’s true: Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

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