Motocross track is a go at the airport

JJ’s Motocross received the approval of the full airport commission Thursday.

Airport commissioners supported a decision by the land use subcommittee to allow Jermaine (“JJ”) Mendez to operate a motocross park on airport land.

At a meeting Thursday, commission chair Geoff Wheeler said airport manager Geoff Freeman has reviewed the no-fee license with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Because the arrangement is temporary, will provide community benefit, and the land the motocross track will be situated on does not currently serve any aeronautical purpose, the FAA determined the license could be offered. The license can be revoked with 30 days notice if needed, Wheeler said. 

“It is not on a developable piece of land, and we have had no complaints about it in the past,” Wheeler said.

Mendez initially came to seek commission approval in 2012 for a motocross track that would provide a safe and legal way for off-road motorcycle riders to have fun and hone their skill. The area where the track is located has been in the past used for storage and equipment staging.