Tisbury: One-way streets

—MV Times

Heard on Main Street: The buttons on my jeans have started social distancing from each other.

Friends are what keep us going during these times. Three cheers for those good friends who took over Steve Bernier’s parking lot chores. We all wish Steve and others suffering from COVID-19 a rapid recovery.

How can so many of the Island’s construction and yard workers be getting COVID? Aren’t they usually six feet apart, and don’t they have to wear masks? And they are outdoors as well. Surely they don’t all sit in the same truck and eat lunch together. The Board of Health has the right idea — check them out and be sure. It takes all of us to get this disease under control. A few selfish people put all of us in danger.

Pumpkin spice blends can vary, but they usually include ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. No pumpkin, but all these spices are good for you. Aren’t you clever to like pumpkin pie?

When the one-way on Union Street was reversed, I did not like it. But it makes life much easier at Five Corners for several reasons. So now it is my escape exit of choice. Leaving the ferry or Stop & Shop is so much easier when you do not have to go through Five Corners. Although it was at first a little uncomfortable to use the town parking lot to get to the ferry — but anything is easier than Five Corners.

Did you know that the one-way street towards the ferry was to bleed off those drivers who could not get used to Main Street when it became one way. As late as the 1980s there were two old ladies who left the Unitarian Church every Sunday and drove the wrong way down Main Street. Fortunately, Sunday drivers seemed to be quite reasonable in accepting this.

Philip Craig never liked the intersection of State Road and the Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road. I used to have a copy of the wonderful paragraph he used to describe it in one of his mysteries. Are more movies from his work in our future?

Many of us have taken advantage of the fact that this is where the most people give you a pass to cut into traffic. Sometimes it seems Massachusetts drivers have no sense when they stop traffic. Bicyclists can find that a very dangerous local habit because they can’t count on us to keep the traffic moving in a predictable pattern.

With both Tisbury and Edgartown in the Red Zone for big numbers of COVID patients, do the rest of us a favor — do not gather in a large group to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. If you want to share, package it and deliver it, but do not take the chance of getting COVID. That is a very selfish request. I do not want to get it from you. Have a happy — and safe — Thanksgiving. Remember it is safer outdoors.

Happy first anniversary on Tuesday to Anne Wallis and Michael Anderson.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Friday to one of the best guys on the Island — Chris Chandler. Sunday belongs to Barbara Peckham; while she may have moved to Omaha, she is still here in our hearts. And did you know that she has just published a wonderful mystery? The candles on cakes on Tuesday belong to David Grey and Porter Fraser.

Heard on Main Street: I hope you eat lots of turkeys on Thursday. I have about a dozen in my yard if you are looking for one.

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