Getting your poetry published

— Courtesy Studio Takahashi

So you’ve written a poem and feel ready to send it out. What happens next? The Chilmark library offers a series of workshops titled “PoBiz: Getting Your Poetry Published” with Spencer Thurlow on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 20 until Feb. 10 at 4 pm.

In this class, participants will look at what happens after you have finished writing your poem. How does “sending it out” actually work? In four parts, the class will cover the types of journals that are out there and how to find one that suits you, and you will walk through a real submission process. The group will also talk about what to do when you’ve been rejected or accepted, as well as how to handle fees and honorariums. According to a press release from the library, anxiety about submitting/publishing is a stumbling block that leaves many poets with a thick folder of unpublished poems.

The first class will cover how to find a journal, what journals or competitions are good to enter, what kind of fees are there, what you should watch out for. The second class covers how to submit work to a magazine, and submitting in real time, with a look at tracking techniques. Class number three will focus on rejection letters and wait times. What does a “good rejection” look like? What types of rejections are there? What about acceptances, honorariums, and contracts? The fourth and final class covers what comes next after you’ve been published — perhaps a book or readings.

Email to sign up and get the Zoom invitation. Sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Library.