Guide to a Spring Day

Julia Sayre shops for plants at Donaroma's. — Courtesy MVRHS

It seems that this April, warm and sunny days have been few and far between. Because of this, we wanted to make the most of it when a 62° afternoon came along, and so we conjured up a list of the best spring activities we could think of in order to experience the ultimate spring day.

Our excursion began with a lunch trip to one of the many seasonal restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard that are starting to re-open: Among the Flowers. A quaint café nestled in the busy streets of downtown Edgartown, Among the Flowers was the perfect place to stop for a quick brunch. The menu offers an affordable and delicious selection of salads, sandwiches, and breakfast dishes. Outdoor seating was offered, which was ideal for us to soak up the sunshine while dining at a 6-foot distance from others.

We began our meal with chewy chocolate chip cookies followed by homemade lemonade, veggie quinoa wraps, and a powerhouse salad. After cleaning our plates, we headed off for some springtime shopping.

We made the trek to Donaroma’s, not necessarily planning to make any purchases, but when we stepped inside the greenhouse, those plans changed.

Immediately, we were greeted with an abundance of green. Curling tendrils of ivy cascaded from the upper shelves, while stout cacti sat underneath, waiting to be poked by an unsuspecting finger. The perimeter of the store was surrounded by annual and perennial plants of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Leaving with a bag filled high with pink, purple, and yellow blooms, we were overflowing with excitement to give our plants a new home.

We were yearning to be in nature all day, but our stomachs were starting to growl  with hunger again. How could we be in nature and also satisfy our cravings? A picnic!

With a big white blanket and wicker picnic basket, we rode our bicycles through the woods searching for a tranquil pond known as “Little Pond” off of Sanderson Ave in Edgartown (the road behind MVRHS). With a bench overlooking the hidden pond, and a line of trees blocking out all sounds of traffic, this spot is perfect for sitting to observe nature.

We layed out the blanket on the grass and indulged in our snacks, which included hummus and crackers, and a bounty of nuts and chocolate.

As we sat enjoying our meal, we were greeted numerous times by wood and deer ticks crawling onto our blanket and mingling by our legs, reminding us that tick season has begun. This is a friendly reminder to check yourself for ticks daily — we found seven!

By the time we left at nearly 6:00 PM, our nature itch wasn’t completely scratched for the day, so we decided to go on a twilight stroll on a nearby trail. We went with a short yet sweet half mile walk in the Weahtaqua Springs Preserve, just next to the rotary on Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. The end of the trail opens up to an overlook of Lagoon Pond, complete with a bench to sit on and take in the view. It was just the thing to wrap up our whimsical spring day together.

As the days grow longer, we encourage you to spend time in nature on our island, and explore the restaurants, shops, and all of the unique experiences offered here. Whether that be as simple as sitting outside for a few moments of fresh air, or a full day filled with spring activities, get out there!