Edgartown: Being grateful

— MV Times

Some days I am completely overwhelmed with being grateful. Today was one of those days. Mind you, I always try to be grateful but some days are harder than others to maintain that perspective. But something about today had me completely absorbed with feeling grateful. It wasn’t any one thing. Honestly, I was thinking about how lucky I have been throughout my life and how, when I felt most down and out like I wasn’t going to make it, someone was always there to lift me up and set me right again. Sometimes it was small. Other times, it was huge. Sometimes it was someone I knew. Other times, it was someone I just met in the instant that I needed help. Always, it was a miracle. So I’m sending out a big thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my life, from my family, to my friends, to complete strangers. I am forever grateful and always try to pay it forward.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary is marking the 50th anniversary of its establishment as a wildlife sanctuary with a series of celebratory events commencing this  summer. They are looking to secure their work for the next half century and beyond. To accomplish this, they are beginning a “Felix Neck Forever Fund” capacity building initiative to ensure that Felix Neck is here for our children and our grandchildren.

A number of special anniversary events are planned to commemorate Felix Neck and secure its future. These events include Sanctuary Supper, the Amity Shark Race and Foot It for Felix 5K trail run. I remember their Foot It for Felix events when I was a kid. Back then they were “Walk-a-thons.” Do you remember them? What a happy memory. I love that they’ve brought it back.

Their biggest anticipated event is their second annual Sanctuary Supper “An Evening Eating for the Planet” at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary on July 20th. Guests enjoy a cocktail hour with wild  drinkables, and hors d’oeuvres in the meadow, followed by an organic meal, designed and  prepared by Kyleen Keenan, plant-based chef and founder of Happyist Plant Based foods,  overlooking the spectacular field of wildflowers. All supper ingredients are sourced with the  health of our planet and people in mind. Then, get your paddles ready for an exciting live  auction to end the evening (tickets required). And of course, Felix Neck continues to offer up many of their usual events from family exploration to kayak tours. You can get all the details for these events and more on their website at massaudubon.org.

Happy birthday to Julie Lively and Denise Searle who celebrated on June 6, Brooke Leahy on June 9, and Sarah Felix on June 10.

Well the final countdown to the end of the year is on now. As I write this, we have about eight days left in school with kids, though teachers will continue to go until the 22nd. As you may expect, the kids are charged up and bouncing off the walls, figuratively speaking at least.

Thanks to modern science and the wonders of vaccines, my brother and sister were able to travel home to the Vineyard this weekend to visit for the first time since well before the pandemic stopped travel. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of reminiscing, a lot of nostalgia, and a lot of yard work accomplished out at Pop’s house. And we owe a big thank you to neighbor Donnie Welch, who filled his trailer with brush to take to the dump for us. What a big help! Pop’s yard looks like a million bucks. Well, maybe not that great but still, the best it has looked in a long time.

Congratulations to all the MVRHS graduating seniors. Graduation was held on Sunday in the fields up at the high school and from the looks across social media, everyone had a wonderful day. I saw many pictures of proud, smiling graduates and their families. I wish all the graduates the best in their future endeavors. I’m so happy that you got to enjoy a timely and fun graduation ceremony.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Avoid as much of the bedlam and craziness as you can, and try to remain calm and patient when you can’t. Stay safe and be well.

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