SSA: Private data wasn’t breached

The Steamship Authority has concluded its investigation of a ransomware attack. No customer information was viewed or downloaded. -Rich Saltzberg

No sensitive information, including customer data and payment information, was viewed or downloaded during the recent ransomware attack on the Steamship Authority.

The SSA was targeted in a ransomware attack earlier this month that disrupted ferry reservations and the SSA’s website. The ferry service was able to maintain its regular schedule of crossings.

In a press release Wednesday, the SSA confirmed it has concluded its investigation into the cyber attack.

“As part of the [SSA’s] comprehensive response to this event, we worked with third-party cybersecurity forensic investigators to conduct a thorough internal investigation. After a rigorous evaluation of our systems, this investigation has now concluded, and the cyber security investigators have confirmed that no sensitive information, including customer data or payment information, was viewed or downloaded during this incident,” the statement said in part.

According to the statement, the SSA has implemented additional safeguards to bolster its protocols. The SSA thanked local, state, and federal agencies for their help throughout the incident, and customers for their patience.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Trump who hacked just to mess with any and all Obama reservations. If indeed no ransom was paid, also not surprising.

    • If Trump knew how to hack, he’d be busy running Twitter. 🙂Probably in the manner of General Zod.

    • Reality- Trump was the worst and most divisive President in our history. As indictments start coming in for his criminal, tax fraud business practices, the indoctrinated don’t care. That’s how good a conman he was. But Teflon Don’s security is wearing thin.

      The SSA has empty boats on some sold-out runs and medicals are not given priority anymore. In my decades of experience, I was never denied getting on a boat with a legitimate emergency or medical reason. When my dad passed away and I had to leave the island during a busy, jam-packed July, I was asked which boat I’d like to be on. Nothing about the SSA makes sense these days.

  2. Your various articles repeat the idea that SSA was the victim of a ‘ransom ware attack’. Yet management won’t give their Board even scanty information. Why shouldn’t we believe the event was not a ‘crash’ of a poorly designed system? Or simple hacking of a system without basic security.
    Is it time to follow the HMS recommendation #2 to bring in a seasoned Chief OperatingOfficer and bring order and continuity to administration, the way Mark Mundsen has done w vessel operations. This ain’t rocket science.

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