Windy, wet, and wild


A sporty east-northeast wind produced short, steep waves on Thursday evening, making for some sloppy seas and strategic thinking as the harbor triangle course was laid windward to East Chop first. A VHYC Sonar, sailed by Peter Howell, set the fastest time, only 36 minutes, 36 seconds. After the handicap correction, however, Julia Lee, Woody Bowman’s catboat, scored her third first place in a row. Since no good deed goes unpunished, she will take a 10-second-per-mile penalty for the rest of the season. Mike Powers sailed Artful Dodger, his Tartan 3500, over from Falmouth and into the second slot. Angelina, an Alerion sailed by John and Lisa Stout, was third. Two Herreshoffs competed: Stuart Halpert’s Providence just edged out Phil Hale aboard Whirlwind. 

Sunday was as amped up as Thursday, but with a west-southwest wind blowing at 18 knots with gusts as high as 32, only five boats started. Gloria had to retire due to an equipment failure, and Angelina was late starting for the same reason. In the end, just three Alerion 28s plus Trinity completed the course of twice around the harbor. Tom Wescott’s Tamu took the least time, one hour and 19 minutes. On corrected time, Angelina was first,with the inestimable help of her strong and knowledgeable crew. Tamu was second, and Mo Flam’s Penelope was third. Strength and know-how carried the day in the rather exciting conditions. Bilge pumps got a workout, too.