Margot Datz presents her annual one-night art show


For more than 10 years, Island artist Margot Datz has presented her fanciful paintings and prints for one evening of enchantment. This year her theme is “MakeBelieve,” which she came upon in reaction to last year’s seclusion.

“I realized that the extrovert in me had to explore inwardly, and create her own magical inner realm,” Datz writes in a press release. “I revisited an almost childlike world of just making things up. My granddaughter would ask me for story after story, and we would spend hours building on the last story I told her. She would often ask me if the stories were true, and I saw in her openness how we can make and then believe.”

Datz’s paintings, the release says, “are lovingly and carefully rendered fantasies, presented in exquisite antique frames that add to their fairytale-like quality.”

“I have become highly aware of how much adults need play, and my artwork is all about that,” Datz relays in the release. “There is a very active child within me. I used to wonder when I would grow up, but now this childlikeness is my favorite part of me. She’s the one that paints, and she is exuberant.”

The show and reception runs from 4 to 8 pm, Saturday, August 7, for one night only at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury. For more information, email