Edgartown: Everything is still mostly green

— Shelby Regan

I write this week from the highway heading home from New Hampshire, where we spent the weekend with friends and family. Our girl Kiana came down to Seabrook from UNH to hang with us for a few hours. It’s always so great when we get to see one of the kids. It is becoming a mighty rare thing as they get older and grow wings. It’s a far cry from Halloween’s past when we’d pack up the three costumed kids and head out to the school party and then some trick-or-treating. I miss those days. The days were long but the years went quickly.

It’s amazing that the foliage hasn’t even changed yet this far north. Everything is still mostly green. So weird when you think that “peak” is usually around Columbus Day in October and here we are on the eve of November with so much green. We saw a little color but not a ton. Still, it’s always nice to get away. Do you find that is the easiest way to relax? It’s really the only time I can forget my responsibilities.

How did you make out in the storm last week? So many trees down. Hopefully you all made out OK and didn’t go too long without power. I’ve seen so many pictures of trees on cars and houses. It was a crazy storm. I woke up in the middle of the night as the wind began to increase and just had a terrible feeling in my stomach about how long it was going to be until the weather subsided. A maximum wind speed of 94 mph was reported from the Chappy Ferry. That’s serious wind. I’m glad it was in October and not January, though the October date may have resulted in more damage due to the fact that there is still so much foliage on the trees.

This is a weird week at school coming up, with three half days, as we make up for conferences missed when school was canceled during the storm. Monday is a half day for the whole school, as is Thursday. But Wednesday’s half day is only for grades 5 to 8. There are so many students in those grades that they need an extra day to book all the conferences.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Annemarie Donahue and Anne Davey on Nov. 1, David Hamblen, Darren Morris, and Bryan Graham on Nov. 2, and especially to my daddy, Bob “Pop” Gardner, who turns 93 on Nov. 7. I love you, Poppy B!

There is an Edgartown School PTA meeting on Nov. 9 at 5 pm. The location is yet to be determined. Edgartown School families are encouraged to join and become part of the PTA.  Membership has decreased in recent years and they’d love to pump it back up again. If you are an Edgartown School family, please consider joining and becoming part of the PTA team.

The Anchors still has a number of events going on. Every Tuesday they offer up Tuesday Sandwiches, a brown bag lunch for you to pick up and take with you. Offerings this month are a turkey and bacon sandwich on Nov. 2, egg salad on Nov. 9, meatloaf sandwich on Nov. 16, veggie quesadilla on Nov. 23, and sausage and peppers on a hoagie on Nov. 30. On Fridays, they offer the Friday Cafe — lunch to go. This month includes stuffed collard greens on Nov. 5, turkey stroganoff on Nov. 12, and black bean burritos on Nov. 19. They are closed Nov. 25 and 26 for Thanksgiving. Check out their website at edgartowncoa.com for other details about all they are offering these days, from meditation to yoga to movies and cards.

Town Bar and Grill will host Trivia Nights with DJ Dyno Mike every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm. You can email them at info@townbarmv.com to reserve your space. In your email, provide your name, the number of people in your group, which cannot be more than 6, and your cell phone number for a text reply and confirmation. 

The Edgartown library offers storytime at 10:30 am on Thursdays. Per the website: “A variety of different props will encourage movement and play while Elyce reads interactive stories in the program room. This fun program is planned with ages 1 to 5 in mind, but all ages are welcome. No registration necessary. Please note, all visitors over the age of 2 must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times.”

That’s about it. Again, I hope everyone weathered the storms last week fairly well. I think we’ll be hearing the sound of chainsaws for quite some time. Have a wonderful week. If you have news to share for next week, my deadline this time is Thursday, Nov. 4 — the day this edition of the paper comes out. Email me at ggardnermv@gmail.com. Stay well.