Poet’s Corner


In Zombnia
By Ashley Mackey 

I tossed.
I turned.
I puffed my pillow.
How many turns to go?

Blankets on
Blankets off
First I’m hot
Now I’m cold.

One arm up
One arm down
Off to the side
Keep moving around.
(Make an octopus proud.)

Count up by threes
Count down by nines
Count one to a hundred
Thirteen times.

Round up those sheep
Provide a fence.
A deep breath in
Then let it out.
Where ARE those sheep?
Please, don’t shout!

My pillow’s warm
I flip it ’round
Now I’ve got it
I’m going down.
No such luck
Try fetal please
Oh my God
I’ve got to pee. 

Back in bed
Let’s try again.
On my side.
One leg bent
And one leg out.
On my back
Legs scissored now.
Turn to the left,
Turn to the right,
Do-si-do, no Zs tonight?

At last!
My pillow’s soft
No longer brick
Blankets ’n body temps in sync
And mattress one big cloud …
I drift down to that peaceful place,
To dream … and as I do —
Sunbeams hit my face.

Ashley Mackey lives in West Tisbury. She wrote this poem during a sleepless night in 2021.

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.