West Tisbury: Woods sigh in relief

—MV Times

While not exactly “a song of praise or triumph,” as my Oxford English Dictionary defines it, I begin this column with a paean to rain. Specifically, a paean to the long, soaking, much-needed rain we had last Friday night. It was accompanied by thunder and lightning, giving local dogs a scare, and hitting a house in West Tisbury. (The flames were quickly put out, and the house suffered little damage.) Other than that, rain soaked into the parched ground. My woods breathed a sigh of relief, and appeared brightly, refreshingly green by Saturday morning.

I sat by an open window, listening to the rain, smelling the dampness. I should have gone out on the porch or stood in the yard to get the full effect. This summer has been a constant worry that our Island’s aquifer and all of our wells would be depleted by the drought. Our water supply is one of my great concerns, that it will remain untainted, and be adequate, considering our growing population.

It was surprising to see the Island classified in the least critical drought category. It feels like we are burning up.

Early voting has begun in West Tisbury. Tables, voting booths, black pens, ballots, and voter lists are set up at the Public Safety Building. Town clerk Tara Whiting-Wells and crew will be there from 8 to 11 am Monday through Friday this week. The state primary election is next Tuesday, Sept. 6. Voting is from 7 am to 8 pm.

Sample ballots are at the door of the Public Safety Building, in Town Hall, and at the West Tisbury library. On the primary ballot, our state representative, Dylan Fernandes, and State senator, Julian Cyr, are running for re-election. So is our House of Representatives member, Bill Keating. We will be voting for candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, treasurer, and for members of the Governor’s Council. There are two local contests, for Dukes County sheriff, and for members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Do your public duty; get educated and vote.

If you are not registered to vote, it’s too late for the September primary, but you have plenty of time before Election Day on Nov. 8. The last day to register to vote in that election is Oct. 29. Go to Town Hall and register.

The Pinkletinks will be at the West Tisbury library this Saturday, performing a rock concert for kids. It will start at 11 am. No signup is necessary. Bruce MacNelly will give an architecture program on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 4:30 pm. It will be on Zoom only, so sign up at wt_mail@clamsnet.org.

The Art Circle Group Show is at Galaxy Gallery from Sept. 1 to 13. Many members of this longtime group are from West Tisbury: Leslie Baker, Sandy Bernat, Nancy Shaw Cramer, Ruth Kirchmeier, Jennifer McCurdy, Julia Mitchell, and Marie-Louise Rouff.

My condolences to the families and friends of Judy Miller and Lia Kahler. Both women were active in the Island community, political, social, and the arts. Many of us worked on the book sale with Judy, or at the Food Pantry. Lia’s beautiful voice and manner graced concert venues on the Island, many for charitable causes she supported.

Allen Hanson also died last week. She was a well-known antiques dealer who specialized in early furniture and objects. I think of her every day when I fill up Abby’s dog bowl with water. I bought it several dogs ago from Allen. It’s one of the things I love most in my house. Obviously, it is well-used, and also well-designed. It has a steadying rim that fits my hands perfectly. Thank you, Allen, for making every day special.

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