Hall versus Stop & Shop court battle continues

Judge Mark Gildea took arguments from attorneys involved in the lawsuit filed by Courtway Trust on behalf of Benjamin Hall Sr. against the Edgartown Stop & Shop’s expansion project under advisement. — Eunki Seonwoo

Judge Mark Gildea heard arguments from attorneys involved in the lawsuit filed by Courtway Trust on behalf of Benjamin Hall Sr. against the Edgartown Stop & Shop’s expansion project on Tuesday. Gildea took the case under advisement after a hearing at Dukes County Superior Court. 

Stop & Shop’s project started in July after lengthy delays caused by Hall’s other legal challenges. The lawsuit, filed with Dukes County Superior Court on July 11, names Stop & Shop, the Edgartown building inspector, Stop & Shop’s local attorney Geoghan Coogan, William J. Cummings, WJG Realty Trust, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission in the complaint. Benjamin Hall Sr., who is an abutter with Stop & Shop in Edgartown, argues through his son Benjamin Hall Jr. that the supermarket is in violation of the agreed-upon conditions placed by the MVC when it was approved in 2018. In particular, Hall argues that the onsite work surpasses the two-year limitation regarding the commencement of construction. 

The text of the commission’s conditional approval of the project does have a “length of validity” to it, citing that “if construction does not occur during [a two-year period], this decision shall become null and void and have no further effect.” The commission also states “this time period may be extended upon written request from the applicant and written approval from the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.”

The commission filed a motion to dismiss the case. Hall filed two motions on the day of the hearing. One was to strike an affidavit of attorney Sara Jane Shanahan and “any other affidavits presented by the movants on their respective motions to dismiss” alongside “such other and further relief as the court finds just and equitable.” The other was dismissing another lawsuit, which also targets the commission’s two-year limitation, and consolidating it with this lawsuit. 

Gildea denied these motions. 


  1. Regardless of the Halls
    If the Stop & Shop was a true community builder their expansion would take into consideration that they are right up against a neighborhood and on one of two major roads into/out of Edgartown. Not only does that create at times a mile back up, but that shuttles buses are a requested form of transportation during the summer.
    If S & S would consider mid sized stores in convenient locations on the outskirts of three MV towns, it might get higher reception from all.
    Has anyone looked up the holding of the Ahold company that owns S & S. What are their priorities?

    • Can’t think of more community building than providing the overall best food prices on the island, especially during the ever-rising costs of food. The quality and selection also cannot be beat. The Stop and Shop brand products, fresh, canned, or frozen, are high quality, and many people follow the excellent sales each week. That’s what matters most to many islanders.

      Can’t think of less community minded folks than the Halls.

      • I’ll be sure to pass this on to Mr. Epstein as I’m sure he will be delighted to know that the Hall’s are lower on your totem pole of elitism and what you deem as acceptable community participation. But thanks for sharing.

    • Smaller stores provide less shelf space for product resulting in both fewer choices for the shopper and smaller package sizes which cost more per ounce.

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