MV Center for Education and Training hires new director

Holly Bellebuono is changing her role at MVCET from executive director to chief financial officer. — Jeremy Driesen

Holly Bellebuono is shifting her role within the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Education and Training (MVCET) from executive director to chief financial officer, according to a press release issued by MVCET board chair Nancy Hoffman. An advertisement for a new executive director is running in The Martha’s Vineyard Times and The Vineyard Gazette. 

“Holly is shifting her role within the organization to chief financial officer to manage our continuing growth and impact,” the release states. “She has moved the organization to a new level, a broadened mission, and opened new opportunities. We are grateful for the contributions she has made to growing MVCET.”

Going forward, the release states that the organization is looking for a new director who has the vision and organizational skills “to take the MVCET forward,” and any support from the community to help spread the word is greatly appreciated. The full position description is available on the MVCET website. 

According to the release, MVCET has achieved a greater level of visibility and community service in the past years, with new workforce programs, and students continuing in the wind tech and early childhood programs. Additionally, 41 students have entered into the MVCET electrician program, and other new offerings will soon come online.

“As always, we welcome your comments, questions, and willingness to join a board or committee,” the release concludes.


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