2023 Summer camps and programs


It’s finally happening — the days are getting longer, the warmth of the midday sunlight is starting to overtake the chilly winter breeze.

With spring approaching, now is a good time to think about summer camp options, and what various activities and learning your child might like to engage in. There are a myriad of directions to take, from the Adidas Tennis Program at Vineyard Family Tennis, to Summer Mini Camps at Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center.

It’s always good to get kids outside using their minds and bodies. Luckily there are plenty of camps that encourage healthy and beneficial play that also teach valuable skills. Sail MV gets kids out on the water to learn how to sail, starting with small boats and working their way up. The program teaches teamwork, leadership skills, and self-confidence when behind the rudder or while controlling the mainsheet. Action Karate, although it takes place inside, gives children the opportunity to learn self defense and practice obedience, while experimenting with different kinds of physical movement and exercise.

There are also plenty of camps that bring out creativity and allow kids to discover their interests in art, design, crafts, writing, working with technology, and more. Martha’s Vineyard Children’s Theater Camp, presented by Circuit Arts, provides in-depth and collaborative theater experience with classes in music, dance, and performance. The Sense of Wonder Summer Day Camp brings children together to learn about creative arts, ethnic diversity, community service, and myriad other focuses. These are just a few examples of all the different day camps available to kids this summer that provide essential skills, understanding, awareness, and opportunities for self discovery and self expression.

For the latest information, check the 2023 list for Summer Camps and Programs.