Tisbury: Book sale for library, Tisbury School, Steamship Authority, and Beach Befrienders

—MV Times

Heard on Main Street: The sooner you fall behind, the more time you will have to catch up.

Put this on your calendar so you don’t forget: A local family is holding a book sale to benefit the Vineyard Haven library from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, Nov. 25, at 11 Pine Tree Lane — just after Thanksgiving. All proceeds go to our library building fund. No book donations needed at the sale.

COVID still seems to be recurring, not only on-Island, but many other places as well — which makes me happy that masks are still available in the hospital. It never seemed a good idea to sit around in a doctor’s office where no one has a reason to be there.

A New York Times columnist announced that hospital socks with slip prevention stripes make cozy slippers. I would have mentioned they are also lovely to keep your toes warm at night. She did suggest the hospital ones can have some drawbacks, but we all know that Amazon has a plethora of varieties.

A phone call from my daughter was overdue. But her jobs include the technical one that takes many hours and provides healthcare coverage, as well as participation in a popular band as musician and singer, and work for the town. She and her husband live in a very small town in Eastern Connecticut, where she is a town registrar of voters, one of only two in the town, which had an election last week. The reports of her responsibilities were interesting because in Connecticut, that includes working all elections, as well as duties required for the job in Massachusetts. They are paid quite a bit more. It will be fun to have her here for Thanksgiving, though her husband has to work. He runs the shows for a local art gallery, which also exhibits some of his own pieces.

My son is doing much better, but not yet totally recovered a month later. The doctors are still searching for the cause of his unexpectedly suffering a number of blood clots in his lungs, causing a long period of pain as well as other complications. He has always been active, including running, walking, and biking, so this was a startling event for all of us.

The Tisbury School kids must be beginning to wonder if they will ever get back into their school again — and perhaps how much different it will be.

The SSA has made it clear that they, like the hospital and other businesses, are having problems finding people to fill the jobs necessary to keep things going. They could at least attempt to tell drivers parked in line for a ferry that that particular ferry trip has been canceled. Finally one Island visitor called the reservations number — that was how he found out. It seems to be happening often enough that they could just put up a big sign all those drivers could see.

Join the Vineyard Conservation Society and Befriend a Beach. This month, on Saturday, Nov. 25, go to Cedar Tree Neck (with Sheriff’s Meadow) and clean up the beach from 9 to 11 am. A volunteer will be there with bags and gloves, and will also handle disposal of the trash collected. If you’d rather go another day, you can get a VCS trash sticker from your library to take to the transfer station.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out to Noreen Flanders, Craig Dripps, Adam Rogers, and Joseph P. Canha on Monday. Wish the best on Tuesday to Tracy Matthiessen, MJ Munafo, and Marion Burke. Happy birthday on Wednesday to Dan Cabot and Alexander Ray.

Heard on Main Street: Besides making you happy, a smile makes you look younger, especially on Thanksgiving.

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