Cribbage Club results


A ton of fun was had Wednesday night at the MVRHS, as I got hip-checked out of first place by Roy Scheffer! He played a perfect 14/6 + 140 card — SO IMPRESSIVE! He skunked both myself and my husband, Bill Russell, ay-yi-yi. UNCLE!

The rest scored as follows:

Second, Ron Ferriera also had a Grand Slam 14/6 +101 card. Wow!
Third, Suzanne Cioffi with a 9/4 +75 card
Fourth, Bo Picard with a 9/4 +44 card
Fifth, Jack Silvia with a 9/4 +17 card

We had eight skunks (game won by more than 30) and four 24-point hands, by Mary Alice Russell (2!), Sharon Barba, and Bo Picard. 

If you would like to check us out, come on over to the high school’s Culinary Department on any Wednesday evening. We have food to share at 5:30 pm, and we start playing at 6 pm sharp.