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Fair Loser: One artist’s quest for the coveted Ag Fair blue ribbon

This week’s paper includes a list of everyone who won a ribbon at the 155th Agricultural fair. My name does not appear on this...

Noepe Center will host writing workshops at Islanders Write

Noepe Center for Literary Arts is hitting the road and heading to Islanders Write on Monday, August 7. Justen Ahren, founder and director of...

Cocktail Party

I talked to an artist considered iconic Chatted with a friend who is always ironic Laughed a lot with a swarthy beauty Engaged in gossip, as if...

Sketch MV! group draws in artists of all sorts

Five women carrying sketch pads showed up at the Field Gallery on Saturday morning for the first Sketch MV!, an initiative spearheaded by artist...

Watch Islanders Read The Classics on MVTV

If you missed Philip Weinstein’s talk on Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel "Beloved," the talk will be broadcast today at 10 am on MVTV,...

Islanders Write writers share their innermost secrets

On Monday, August 10, writers and people who work in the business of writing will gather at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury to...

Here’s what to expect from Islanders Write

On Monday, August 10, Islanders Write (IW) will return to the Grange Hall. The event is organized and sponsored by the MVTimes and MV...

Name That Name. Whatever It Is.

I am of the age at which friendly faces have started appearing without names attached to them. This tends to happen in Cronig’s while...

Keeping up with Karasik

Cartoonist Paul Karasik has enjoyed national fame lately, but his current focus is on local fundraising.

A fascinating Islander herself, Susan Klein to lead Friday’s Living Local panel

We chatted with Susan Klein before she will moderate a panel discussion on Friday with Fascinating Islanders.

Helpful devices for the summer party-goer

Trying to figure out how to hold that drink, your plate, and a conversation all at the same time? Party season must be here...

Happy Trails: Islanders’ favorite walking routes

The Vineyard has hundreds of miles of beaches, trails and bikepaths to walk. Times contributor Kate Feiffer, who once walked all the way around Chappy in a single day, helped us round up some Islanders' favorites.

Theater project is a unique learning tool

I truly hope that next year there will be a fourth and fifth grade theater project, as it appears that many of this year's fourth graders will be missing out on an extraordinary educational and cultural opportunity.

It was a pit bull, after all

To the Editor:I was recently told that more people are killed by cows than by pit bulls, so I suppose we should have considered ourselves lucky to find a pit bull, and not a cow, roaming around our yard last night.