I was in New York City over the weekend on baby watch 2010, just waiting for my stubborn nephew to make his debut in the world. My mother and I hopped a plane on Friday at the first signs of labor, but it turns out we may have a jokester on our hands, and the little one psyched us out. We ended up having a lovely weekend in New York, and though we returned to Edgartown without news of a new addition to the family, we did manage to add to our wardrobes, thanks to that fantastic city shopping.

“No more pencils, no more books!” Ah, the last day of school: the feeling of freedom, the summer spread out wide before you with its promise of beach days, sunshine, and ice cream by the gallon. The kids are loose on the streets, and the fun is just beginning.

Congrats to all the recent graduates, both of the high school and of our Edgartown eighth grade. Also, congrats to our college graduates and their families, particularly those who bring their newfound knowledge back home, to the benefit of our Island community.

I also have to send a shout-out to the teachers, who are such an asset to our town. I’m sure you are all ready for a much-needed break.

Thanks go to those who will not be returning to their posts in September. Edgartown school nurse Donna Joyce, reading specialist Ellie Bates, and first-grade teacher Cindy Douglas are all retiring. I hope whatever comes next is fulfilling and fun.

I cannot believe my mistype a couple of weeks ago regarding Miss Harley Snowden. I very well know that Harley has not even reached her first birthday, and here I reported she was going on two. Forgive me for fast-forwarding through a whole year of your life, little friend.

Taste of the Vineyard was a fun night as usual. I’m always excited to see everyone’s fashion choices, as I mentioned last week, but as it used to be the women who got all decked out, the past couple years, the men have been giving us a run for our money. Tommy Smith opted for madras pants and a jaunty bow tie, while Dan Cassidy chose a Miami Vice throwback, complete with white suit and hot pink cotton tee-shirt. For Pete Robb, it was all about the footwear, which he put to good use on the dance floor.

Sadly, the night ended in tragedy, as the Lakers overtook our Celts in the fourth quarter. Condolences to all, and better luck next year.

If you’re driving past Sengekontacket, take a look out on the pond and you are likely to spy Donna Montesion out there in her kayak. Everyone has their own way of escaping the traffic and bustle of the summer months; Donna’s is boat, pond, and paddle, and she’s out there every chance she gets.

In other kayaking news, Felix Neck is offering a moonrise kayak series, June 25-27, beginning at 7:30 pm each night. See Sengekontacket pond by moonlight, celebrating the different full moons of summer. With a guide, you will kayak on the pond as the moon rises and sparkles on the water. Equipment will be provided. Call 508-627-4850 for more information.

A very special best wishes and congrats go out to Melanie Rankow and Nick Prescott who will be tying the knot on Saturday. With a ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s and a reception in the yard on Witchwood Lane, the day promises to be the quintessential Edgartown celebration. Let’s all think sunshine for the happy couple.