B-Strong works with innovative fat loss technique

Craig Yuhas is now a Level 1 Bio Signature practitioner. — Photo courtesy of Craig Yuhas

Craig Yuhas, co-owner of B-Strong in Oak Bluffs, recently completed a one-week course in New York City called Bio Signature Modulation. He is now a Level 1 Bio Signature practitioner.

What does that mean? Bio Signature, developed and taught by Charles Poliquin, is a hormonal profiling system that helps people get rid of fat and improve health. The method involves measuring body fat at 12 sites on one’s body, determining the person’s body fat percentage and where most fat is located.

Where one stores fat is telling. For example, the fat measurement from your hamstrings has a correlation to your levels of environmental estrogens (xeno-estrogens), which are thought to be a cause of many health problems.

Typically, treatment involves dietary, herbal supplement, and exercise recommendations, all based on one’s readings.

For more information, stop by B-Strong, located at 29 Kennebec Avenue in Oak Bluffs.