It took three days to set up, but Saturday night’s Chilmark School PTO/Outing Program Doo Wop was well worth the time. A totally rockin’ night was had by all as the Chickie Babies belted out 50s and 60s hits. Merrily Fenner, Janis Syslo and Sue Smith, accompanied by Mark Mazer and Peter Knight, brought the house down with their enthusiasm and excitement.

Scott McDowell’s voice coaxed out the highest bidders at the live auction. Hillary Noyes-Keene wrote descriptions, printed out bid sheets and coordinated 60 silent auction items. John Keene, Doug Bardwell, and Marshall Carroll served drinks (my Coca-Cola was chilled perfectly) with the remarkable use of power tools. Meg Higgins was the most spectacular photographer this side of TIME magazine. I could go on and on and on about the truly spectacular commitment the parents, students, teachers and community members made to making this year’s big fundraiser an extraordinary success. A big thank you goes out to Joshua and Rebekah Thomson for throwing in a second ten-day vacation rental on the tropical island of Maui. We had a little bidding war going on so they generously decided to make two families happy. Keep your ears open and you might figure out who the lucky winners were.

Another item that fetched a pretty penny was the handmade quilt created by the entire Chilmark School with extra special help from Robin Smith, Jenny Christy, and legendary quilt maker Susan Larsen. We all may have to take turns sleeping over at the Glasgow’s house to enjoy it.

We didn’t have a prize for best costume but, we should have. If we had, I think we would have had a tie between two decked out couples. Ted and Judy Mayhew and Buffy and Gil Carroll were dressed to the nines. I could go on and on about the spectacular evening that was, but I am hoping most of you were there to experience it firsthand. If you weren’t, sadly, you missed out. Give me a call and I will ramble on with excitement for as long as you’d like to listen. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our entire community for making the night such a fun and successful event.

Burn season has opened. With the permission of Fire Chief David Norton, flare-ups are happening all over town. Yes, you must call first, preferably between 7 and 8 am, for a burn permit. Asking for forgiveness later is a no-no. David can be reached at the Crossroad station 508-645-2550 or on his cell 508-627-2760. Please be reminded that the answering machine does not grant permission. You must actually speak to him prior to setting your brush ablaze. Burn season continues until May 1. So, if weather conditions are right, you’ve got some time to tidy up all that debris kicking around the back 40.

Our local boys are going to coax you out of town. You won’t have to go that far, just a few minutes down the road to Edgartown. Chris Fischer of Beetlebung Farm will prepare a local meat dinner for you sourced from Morning Glory Farm and The FARM Institute. Dinner is the premise to the screening of American Meat shown at Morning Glory. The event, which also features Todd Christy’s Chilmark Coffee Company hot beverages, starts at 6 pm Friday night.

Today is not only Emmett Carroll’s birthday but it’s John Larsen’s, Kathy Bega’s, and Emily Bramhall’s too. I hope you are enjoying life to it’s fullest.

At the time of my writing, Sunday evening, we were preparing to celebrate Great Grandma Bette Carroll’s 89th birthday on Monday, January 30. Stay tuned next week when I will share a full account of cakes, candles, birthday songs and good company.