Barstool presidente offers biting commentary

David Portnoy made some unflattering online reviews of Vineyard pizza places during his visit to the Island.

It’s not every day a president comes to the Island.

Last week, the founder of Barstool Sports, a satirical sports and pop-culture blog, Dave Portnoy, known as “El Presidente” or “El Pres” to many of his fans, traveled around the Island reviewing pizza at various shops in his own inimitable style.

Portnoy reviews pizza around the country on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the highest. He then posts the comedic and antagonistic videos of the reviews on social media.

“One bite, everybody knows the rules,” is Portnoy’s catchphrase that he says before taking multiple bites of a slice.

While on Island, Portnoy reviewed pizza from Giordano’s, Chilmark General Store, Isola, Slice of Edgartown, and Rocco’s Pizzeria.

Portnoy’s highest score was for Rocco’s Pizzeria in Vineyard Haven with a 6.9. Gio’s (6.8), Chilmark (6.6), and Isola (6.1) all received similar scores, while Slice of Edgartown got a dismal 3.8.

Things got saucy when Portnoy stoked the Vineyard/Nantucket rivalry a few times by donning a Nantucket T shirt in his videos and saying, “People know I don’t like the Vineyard. I think it’s a trash spot.”

Pizza chef Nicheli Sullo was the guy who made the pie for Portnoy at Isola in Edgartown. While not happy with the 6.1 score, Sullo told The Times he knew who Portnoy was and enjoys his spiel.

“He was trashing the Vineyard and had a Nantucket shirt. I was giving it to him too, it was funny,” Sullo said.

Sullo also added that it was interesting Isola got a 6.1 while Rocco’s got a 6.9. “We use 100 percent the same recipe,” he said of the two partner shops. “It’s pretty funny.”


  1. Scores in the 6’s are not bad scores, it means the pizza is decent, he will never give a 10, typically if he really loves it is somewhere in the 8’s. So these are not bad scores, with the exception of 3. As far as trashing MV, well that what he does, he tries to get a rise out of people, and it has made him a rich man.

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