Oak Bluffs: Discovering natural wonders

— Shelby Regan

At dusk on many evenings when I was a child, we would listen carefully and hear the far-away call of the whippoorwills. Upon hearing one call, we would await the echo of a responding bird, and soon it too would repeat the sound. We really didn’t think it was anything remarkable, and never dreamed the bird and the call would all but disappear and be at the brink of extinction. It is a nocturnal bird, and may repeat its call 400 times without stopping, and hunts for insects at dusk and dawn. As the years went by, that call was seldom heard, but thanks to conservationists it has been increasing in numbers in recent years, and hopefully the sound will be heard by many. I loved those days listening to the calls, finding lady-slippers and Indian pipes, bayberries and blueberries, walking in the woods or on the beaches, and so many places that we have lost access to. So cherish what remains, and be gentle with our world, our Island, and everyone you meet.

So much has disappeared from our lives these past few months. Did you ever imagine the day would come when you had to wear masks, could not embrace friends, attend church, or shop casually? Please keep following the rules we are advised to use so that we can overcome this pandemic.

Wendy Rose and Robert and Janice Rose welcomed a new great-granddaughter into their lives. Stephen Klier and his wife Lindsey became the parents of Sadie Rose Klier this past week. Sadie also has a brother, Lucan, and their grandmother, Donna Rose Klier, gets to be a grandmother once again.

The schedule thus far for students returning to the Oak Bluffs School is as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 17, K- 8 students begin remote learning, and Pre-K and Cohort C begin onsite; Tuesday, Sept. 29, Grades K and 1 begin onsite classes; Friday, Oct. 9, staff professional day, no classes. Monday, Oct. 12, Columbus Day, no classes. Tuesday, Oct. 13, grades 2 and 3 start onsite classes; Tuesday, Oct. 27, grade 4 starts onsite learning, and on Oct. 30, grades 5 through 8 start onsite classes one day per week. Please note that onsite classes will not be every weekday, and perhaps only a few hours. It is a work in progress; if you have questions, the Oak Bluffs School staff or Martha’s Vineyard Schools superintendent’s office will be glad to help you.

The Island Wide Youth Collaborative welcomes you to join the Parent Café weekly on Thursday evenings, starting at 5 pm. It will be a weekly virtual one-hour discussion group by parents, for parents of children and teens experiencing anxiety. Join and support other Island parents for an open-minded discussion around present concerns. Please email claury@mvcommumityservices.org or call 508-693-7900 to register and for more information.

We send birthday smiles to Michael Combra on Sept. 18, Ronni Klein on the 19th, Corey and Amber Medeiros on the 20th, Alice June Thompson on the 22nd, and Kenny Davey, Ann Metell, and Annabelle Metell on the 24th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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