Flags go missing



Several American flags at homes on Morse Street in Edgartown have gone missing. 

According to Edgartown Det. Curtis Chandler, the flags were last seen Saturday night. 

Additionally, an American flag was “tampered with” in front of the Harbor View Hotel. 

Chandler asked that if anyone is missing flags or has surveillance cameras on Morse Street and Cottage Street, that they reach out to the police department.

“It seems odd all of sudden. Oak Bluffs had something similar happen,” Chandler said. “All the missing flags in Edgartown are probably related.”

In Oak Bluffs, Muriel Monaco wrote in a Facebook Post that she was missing 21 military unit flags at her home on Franklin Avenue. 

“It’s very nerve-racking to me,” said Richard Monaco, Muriel’s husband and an Army veteran. He served 28 years in the Army, and went on four tours. “Does that mean I will stop putting up those flags? No. I will replace them.”

Richard put up the flags starting in 2008 to honor those serving in the different branches of the military. Among the stolen flags, two of them are particularly important to him: the flags of the 4th and 3rd Infantry, where he lost men he knew in Baghdad, Iraq. 

Chandler said he’s reviewed security video footage in the Edgartown area, but has not found any useful information as of yet.

The flags are typically American flags, 30 by 48 inches. They were on a five-foot wooden pole. Most are similar,” he said.

Updated to correct the size of the flags and to include comments from Richard Monaco whose flags were stolen in Oak Bluffs.


  1. What a wonderful place MV has become. If you display an American flag, it is in jeopardy of being stole and destroyed. I’m sure these flags weren’t taken out of a sense of patriotism.

  2. Oh. I forgot to mention the Larry Davids of the island. Don’t they just make MV a wonderful place to live–so inclusive, so diverse, so loving. What’s that sign I keep seeing; “No one is alone on the island”

  3. what about the flags stolen from the property off of franklin in Oak Bluffs…. this property owner is a veteran and someone stole all his beautiful flags ….. pathetic rotten people have no respect whatsoever…. is anyone looking into that???

  4. As an Island community there should be a mass condemnation to those cowardly enough to steal so many flags. My first impression is that it is a young adult or adults doing this as a joke or other out of boredom or a dare of let’s see how many we can collect.
    So much pride goes into the displaying of the flag that these thieves don’t understand how hurtful their actions are. The day something is stolen from them that is when they just might understand how violating their actions are.
    I suggest that under some form of anonymity the flags be returned along with an apology for the hurt they have inflicted.

  5. Man, idolatry used to be sin. They’re just sticks, cloth, dye, and some questionable design choices.

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