Buddy could be headed to jail

ADA Matt Palazzolo, foreground, and Matt Jackson, Buddy's lawyer, background. — Rich Saltzberg

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mason Buddy, 84, the man who bilked two Island seniors out of cash.

Buddy appeared in Edgartown District Court via Zoom Monday morning, telling Judge Benjamin Barnes that the check was in the mail, but had been returned. He asked the judge if he could see what he was holding in his hand.

“We don’t see anything, Mason Buddy, because your camera doesn’t appear to be on,” Judge Barnes said. 

Buddy said he mailed the check to the clerk of courts in Dukes County, but it was returned with a notice that said: “Return to sender, not deliverable as addressed.”

Barnes had told Buddy to either appear in person or pay the $1,000 payment owed to Clarence (“Trip”) Barnes — no relation to the judge — for the antique car he took to sell for Barnes, without ever giving him the proceeds. “Mason Buddy, I suggest you remain silent, there’s now a warrant out for your arrest,” Judge Barnes said. He urged Buddy to consult on next steps with his court-appointed attorney Matt Jackson.

Buddy is up to date on making restitution to the other victim in the case.

Earlier this month, probation officer Peter Zona said Buddy had failed to meet the parameters of his Sept. 22 plea deal. That plea was for two counts of larceny over $1,200 by a single scheme for bilking an elderly woman named Janet Maine out of roughly $20,000 in an investment scam and stealing a $6,000 antique car from Barnes. Zona told the court Buddy otherwise had made his payments.


  1. Let me get this straight, you can “lose” a lethal Glock weapon, even get a departmental promotion to Chief of the TPD in gratitude from the Selectmen, but the line is drawn when an 84 year old Buddy may have misspelled the court address.
    Glad to see the District Attorneys office has its priorities.

  2. Kozak you have formed an illogical juxtaposition. Buddy has defrauded, hasnt paid much and wont pay in the future and he is not deterred at age 84. He will appear and re-apper unless they throw the book at him and it is unlikely. This has nothing to do with a lost gun.

    • Andy– Thank you once again for sharing your historically spot on insight into what someone is thinking .
      Your use of the adjective “illogical” to describe James’s juxtaposition is illogical. It is simply a juxtaposition by definition.
      And what exactly does anything in this story have to do with a book ?
      Please– don’t bother telling me what I think the definition of an idiom is.


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