Oak Bluffs fills streetscape review committee

A dump truck and excavator on Circuit Avenue for sidewalk construction. — Rich Saltzberg

The Oak Bluffs select board appointed Kathy Laskowski, Christina Izzo, and Tommy-Ann Brown to the town’s new streetscape project review committee. The group will be included in onsite biweekly meetings. The citizen group will sit in with the project engineer, highway superintendent, and contractor.

The idea for the group was proposed after the controversial streetscape project began. The project, which was mostly well-received for its updates to sidewalks, proved divisive over its inclusion of parallel parking along part of Circuit Avenue.

Select board member Brian Packish said there were few items left to discuss on the project. 

“Right now questions that are coming up are like, does the sidewalk meet the right elevation to such and such building, things of that nature. They’re still working, I believe, with Polly Hill on a tree species that will ultimately be approved,” Packish said.


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