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COVID cases drop significantly as Island is at ‘low risk.’

Nicole Jackson

For the first time in 2022, the number of weekly positive COVID-19 cases is in the single digits. The number of positive test results was just two last week, according to the latest report from the Island boards of health.

This comes as students are returning to classes Monday, March 7, after a week’s vacation. Those students are returning to classrooms where masks are no longer required. Last Wednesday, the boards of health voted unanimously to lift the mask mandate effective immediately. Schools had already lifted their mask mandates, so long as the health boards concurred.

The Island is classified as “low risk” at the moment, according to metrics outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.

According to Monday’s report, the two cases included one PCR test and one at-home test. The two tests included one male, one female and the ages were — one in the 30-39 age range, while the other is 60-69. Neither of the individuals was hospitalized, according to the report.

To date, there have been 4,529 total positive and probable cases on the Island, according to the report. There were 1,424 positive cases in January when the omicron variant was rampant. In February, the number of cases dropped to 193.

Overall, TestMV has tested 47,749 individuals, while the hospital has tested 34,397 individuals.


  1. Well how about that ?
    High vaccination rates and mask wearing worked..
    Now we can do what we want– well, actually we could do what we wanted for the last year.
    But I am verry happy to see the numbers dropping like this.
    And for those idiots who think I and the “liberals” are distraught that the numbers are low because we can no longer “control” you, __________________ !

    • Very little has changed from a month ago except for the sense of dominoes falling, beginning with England, resulting from a feeling that the endless hysteria and fear mongering needed to come to an end and common sense needed to reassert its rightful place. Funny how the people who were still crying danger a month ago are now suddenly self congratulating that everything‘s great. There were many of us who a long time ago figured out that if you got vaccinated and exercised some basic common sense, you were going to be fine. Of course if we said this we had to listen to a lot of shouting and lecturing and finger wagging by people who called us anti-vaccine Trump supporters. Thankfully that seems to be simmering down as the self appointed moralists focus their attention elsewhere.

      • Alex, you just argued for those saying to vaccinate and that people should be careful around others (common sense). You’re going to get splinters hopping over the fence. Take the “L.”

      • Alex– If you bothered to look at reality, a few things concerning this virus have changed not only on the island, but in the country. Country wide, new cases dropped from a high of 815,794 on Jan 15 to 38,651 on March 8 — a drop of about 95% —
        On Island, cases dropped dropped from 484 the week of Jan 3-10 to two cases last week let’s call that about 99 %.
        And you sit there and say “very little has changed”.
        Let me repeat it in case you think I misquoted you
        “Very little has changed…”
        And let me rephrase it, in case you didn’t understand my numbers up there;

        We have had a 99% drop in cases on the Vineyard in less than 2 months.

        Your comment is as classic denialism as we can get.
        One has to be truly dedicated to the “I’m still right” mantra to look at those numbers and flat out deny reality. —
        I can assure you, Alex, that if there were 500 new cases on this island last week, the boards of health would be very derelict in their duties to lift the mask mandate.
        But, excuse me if I point out that there are still over 1,000 people a day dying FROM covid in the U.S.
        Take your advice, and exercise some common sense. Be careful.
        I do kind of wonder what your definition of common sense is regarding this one– perhaps you could share what kind of common sense precautions you are personally taking, or have taken in the past few months.

        • “Alex” contradicts himself frequently.

          Hysteria, shouting, fear mongering, crying, moralist, finger wagging, lecturing, self-congratulating, shrill, scolds—all terms Alex used repeatedly to take endless and often misogynistic swipes against people pushing for vaccines and precautions, even though he agrees vaccines and precautions were common sense and how we arrived at this place— Lol.

          • All of this is ad hominem Jackie. How about simply addressing the opinion and assertions rather than attacking the person? People differ on all sorts of things dont you know.

        • Andrew– How about simply addressing the opinion and assertions rather than attacking the person? People differ on all sorts of things don’t you know.
          And while you are at it, you could quit with your assertions about what Jackie and I and liberals in general think.

  2. “For the first time in a decade, Tisbury Police Department has gone two months into the new year without a single lawsuit or MCAD complaint being filed against the town.
    The town is still classified as “high risk” by Martha’s Vineyard Police Watch, as it is noted the “Sure-Man Variant” still circulates throughout the town.
    Overall TestMV sees this early year trend of Constitutional compliance ending with the coming of warmer weather.
    Random, innocent citizens can then expect to be snatched off Tisbury street corners and taken to the House of Correction.”

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