MVC seeks energy planner

Martha's Vineyard Commission's interim energy planner, Kate Warner will serve as a mentor to the new hire.

As part of its effort to enhance the Island’s energy resiliency, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission is looking to add a new member to its planning staff.

A press release issued by MVC climate planner Liz Durkee on Tuesday states that the MVC will seek candidates to work alongside recently hired commission energy planner Kate Warner. 

Warner was picked for the position on an interim basis after the commission was awarded funding through the Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship. Warner’s charge has been to pave the way for the future MVC energy planner, by laying the groundwork for the role.

The long-term and full-time position will consist of coordinating an array of energy-related projects, in addition to working with local and state entities to create policies devoted to energy resilience and aiding the transition from fossil fuels. 

“The Vineyard has a growing group of people who are passionate about making a meaningful difference on this issue,” the release states, “but the movement needs dedicated staff, given the scope and urgency of the challenge before us.”

Currently, Durkee is the sole on-Island climate-related planner employed by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, hence the mission to increase the fight against climate change. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact Durkee at the Martha’s Vineyard Commission at


  1. Is this the same MVC that is crying it does not have enough money because of legal lawsuits? And now they want to hire another employee. Does not make sense what is going on with that taxpayer sucking organization. All tax dollars sent to the MVC is tax revenue that cannot be spent elsewhere or perhaps not spent at all and kept in the taxpayers pocket. The MVC is now a full-fledged public organization that cannot live within its means and only understands we need more money. The island needs to decide how much tax revenue we keep throwing at various projects we cannot afford them all. This new position is another example of let’s make ourselves feel good about what we’re doing with fossil fuels. And so far all we’ve done is transferred our dependence on fossil fuels to somewhere else. Meanwhile the taxpayer keeps getting the burden.

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