Belated thanks

To the Editor: Just a belated thank you to Your Market in Edgartown for donating to the 36th Annual Art Buchwald Possible Dreams Auction. Without the support of so many local businesses we would not be able to pull off this major fundraising event for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Thank you to all those who […]

Presidential nine-step

To the Editor: With President Obama’s arrival, rumors are flying fast and furious (pun intended). Here are a few: 1. U.S. Congress to be relocated to Snail Road in Chilmark. 2. The Gay Head Lighthouse will be moved to the White House. 3. Larry David will be appointed National Insecurity Advisor. 4. Marine One will […]

Accessible writers

To the Editor: Rich, famous, privileged are words used by outsiders to describe Vineyard people. Those folks don’t know the real Vineyard. A word I find much more relevant is accessible.  As a 14-year resident of this beautiful Island, I am continually amazed at the number of accomplished professionals and artists who make themselves available […]

Thanks for the article

To the Editor: Thanks, Joyce and the the MV Times, for a wonderful article (August 5, “Kids and parents collaborate to stage Spring Awakening”) that really captures what the Spring Awakening project was all about! I want to give a special shout-out to actor Joe Mendick who played the lead role of Melchior in our production. […]

Oyster farm eyesore

To the Editor: On behalf of Eastville Beach visitors, residents and beachgoers, we request that that an industrial, for-profit oyster aquafarm proposal be discussed and reviewed prior to any final approvals. We have significant concerns about this proposed farm and would encourage Island residents and the public who use Eastville Beach to voice their concerns. […]

Stick to the stacks

To the Editor: Regarding Nis Kildegaard on vaccinations (Soundings, August 6, “If everybody did”), I agree that unless everyone is vaccinated, the epidemiological problems can be difficult. But the writer now goes a step further and compares those who oppose vaccination with those who deny climate change and are therefore ”deniers.” The comparison is weak. […]