Men on the seawall applauded

To the Editor: Today, Saturday, I drove by the group of men standing on the seawall with Connect to End Violence. I was so moved to see these men holding signs, giving their time in an effort to end violence against women. I truly believe that ultimately it is men who will stop other men […]

Amy Goodman now

To the Editor: The Israelis are recreating the Warsaw Ghetto and have launched an assault one could reasonably compare to a pogrom. This week someone shot down an airliner in the Ukraine which could cause disastrous results. Julian Assange has been locked up in the Ecuadorian embassy for over two years. Edward Snowdon has revealed […]

Share the road with cyclists

To the Editor: A few weeks ago, two friends and I did a 132-mile bike ride from Bedford, Mass to Ludlow, Vermont. During our eight-plus hours on the road, we encountered exactly one angry motorist. Last weekend, the same friends and I did a three-hour ride up to Aquinnah and back, and came across three […]

What he learned from Walter

To The Editor: It was with sadness that I read of Walter Ashley’s death, although all of us who knew him realized that his time was running out. His contributions to tick-borne disease research on the Vineyard are greatly underappreciated. I met Walter 15 years ago when my laboratory first started working on the pneumonic […]

Safe for all

To the Editor: I read the Letter to the Editor (July 17, “Lucky to be alive”) about the woman’s experience with her motorized scooter and was happy she was not hurt. I agree that the them vs. us attitude by some is very unwarranted. Many seasonal residents and vacationers support the Island economy and provide […]

Wall against violence

To the Editor: Many voices joined together this past Saturday along the Seawall in Vineyard Haven for Connect’s third annual men’s initiative to take a stand against domestic and sexual violence. In a community as safe and extraordinary as Martha’s Vineyard there is no reason for anyone to experience any level of violence. By working […]