A reasonable request

To the Editor: I am writing this in response to Myra Post’s letter last week [No taxpayer funds for ACE-MV, April 9].  This letter is full of misinformation about health care and retirement accounts which are purely conjecture on her part. I know the director who has worked tirelessly for years developing programs to make life […]

Too big

To the Editor: First, go down to the Tisbury Stop & Shop and look at the height pole set up for us all to see. This took them over three months to erect after numerous promises. Now imagine that height extending from Water Street to Cromwell Lane. Then from the parking lot along Water Street […]

Hardhearted and tightfisted

To the Editor: I feel compelled to respond to R.E.L. Knight’s letter [Reduce their ‘unwelcome presence,’ April 2], which hopefully he meant to be sarcastic. It’s very disturbing that conservative political ideology has become so warped that Paul Ryan would try to make the case that poor children are better off going hungry. Mr. Ryan’s Conservative […]

Summer, but not a holiday

To the Editor: Occasionally I am asked, “Why does the Food Pantry close for the summer?” The rationale for our mid-October to mid-April season includes: 1. Any time throughout the year, food is available from the Pantry. In April our Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4 pm distribution shifts to food given by appointment. When a client […]

So much hard work

To the Editor: The Friends of the Mill Pond thank the West Tisbury selectmen’s Committee on the Mill Pond for their hard work over the past six years on behalf of the maintenance and care of the town owned Mill Pond. The committee members, Bob Woodruff (chairman), Anna Alley, Barbara Day, Kent Healy, Rez Williams, […]