Nov. 13, Lisa Kantrowitz, trustee of Lisa Kantrowitz Separate Property Trust, sold a lot on Oxcart Rd. to Thomas Edward Jacobson and Traci Lynn Jacobson for $127,500.



Nov. 15, June E. Caldwell, a/k/a June Elsie Caldwell, trustee of Eileen West Caldwell Realty Trust, sold 77 Middle Rd. to Margaret S. Pattison for $700,000.

Nov. 17, Eric Stange and David Butler, trustees of Stange Chilmark Trust, sold 22 Austin Pasture to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 22 Austin Pasture Realty Trust, for $7,400,000.



Nov. 13, Frank S. and Marianne J. Honey sold 21 Briarwood Drive to R. Paul Achin, Jr. and Paula J. Achin for $550,000.

Nov. 14, Twanette Tharp sold 18 Starbuck Neck Rd. to Richard and Anna Zannino for $9,750,000.

Nov. 15, Twanette Tharp sold 27 Thayer St. to Richard and Anna Zannino for $2,000,000.

Nov. 15, Barbara F. Pryor sold 19 Pulpit Lane to Scott D. and Elizabeth K. McCurley for $1,010,000.

Nov. 15, Kenneth T. and Stephanie W. Roache sold 8 Mockingbird Drive to Mark A. Garcia for $1,200,000.

Nov. 16, Arch Building & Home Development LLC sold 6 Proprietors Rd. to James and Alicia Andre for $1,124,500.

Nov. 16, Roy J. Van Steinburgh sold 41 Crocker Dr. to Nicholas and Ellen Renaldo for $1,145,000.

Nov. 16, Wendell J. Knox, Sr. and Lucy Algere Knox sold 3 Majane Lane to Joseph Horzepa and Maria Juliana Zaraza for $965,000.


Oak Bluffs

Nov. 14, Brown Family Real Estate LLC sold 14R Pulpit Rock Rd. to Barrett and Jean Brown for $863,622.

Nov. 16, William and Robin Davies sold 97 California Ave. to Gregory M. Jones and Lauren Allen Jones for $865,000.

Nov. 17, John D. Campbell sold 2 Ryans Way to Ateoni Alves Otoni for $945,000.

Nov. 17, John F. and Sharon M. Kelly sold 41 Circuit Ave. to Lisa and Jeffrey Lucier, trustees of 41 Circuit Avenue Realty Trust, for $750,000.



Nov. 13, Brian Scott Smith and Rhonda Cardoso Smith sold 314 Greenwood Ave. to Michael Blanchard and Anne-Marie Bell for $525,000.

Nov. 13, Raymond J. Munro sold 92 Spring Hill Rd. to Alexander W. Ben David and Alexandra Kral for $454,000.

Nov. 17, Betsy Fijolek, trustee of Hatch Road Nominee Trust, sold 14 Hatch Rd. to Seth J. and Rachel R. Kalvert for $1,559,300.

Nov. 17, Bonnie Marcus sold 18 Cromwell St. to Isaque Silva and Dione C. Diniz for $580,000.


West Tisbury

Nov. 14, William T. Stewart sold 16 Scotty’s Lane and Lambert’s Cove Rd. to Douglas C. and Elizabeth S. Finn for $145,000.