Food Minded Fellow at Little House this weekend

Food Minded Fellow, Chef Gavin Smith, plates the first course. — Stacey Rupolo

Local Chef Gavin Smith (Food Minded Fellow) is hosting a pop-up dinner at Little House Cafe on Saturday, March 30, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. He’ll be preparing a three-course tasting of locally sourced ingredients that pack big flavor from the Little House kitchen.

“Local seafood, possibly venison, if I can get enough,” Smith told The Times.

According to Smith, the collaboration came about because the owners of Little House have never done a pop-up before, and were looking to bring something new to their space.

“We got along really well from the first time we met,” Smith said. “So it all just came together. I’m always looking for ways to bring great food to good people, and this is a nice way to meet that objective.

Prices are fixed at $48 per person for three courses. Call to reserve your seat, 508-687-9794.