July 24, Pamela A. Foster, trustee of the Gibson-Foster Realty Trust, Mark Baumhofer, and Kimberly Baumhofer sold 2 Beetle Swamp Rd. to Walter A. Morrison and Maggie Brogan Morrison for $845,000.


July 24, Frank N. Newman and Lizabeth A. Newman sold 10 Boldwater Rd. to Three Amigos Holding Co. LLC for $200,000.


July 24, Frank N. Newman and Lizabeth A. Newman sold 12 Boldwater Rd. to Bold Dreams LLC for $5,000,000.


July 26, Michael S. Zarocznski, Kathy Zaroczynski, Jennifer K. Spangler, a.k.a. Jennifer Zaroczynski Spangler, sold 60 Thirteenth St. North to Lucky Number 13 LLC for $640,000.


Oak Bluffs

July 23, Barbara C. Sturdivant sold 82 Summit Ave. to Ana Maria Da Silva Noronha for $695,000.


July 25, Charles T. Langford, Personal Representative of the estate of Harold Fredrick Langord, a.k.a. Harold Fredrick Langford Jr. and Harold Fredrick Langford III, sold 1 Wamsutta Ave. to Charles T. Martin and Leona W. Martin for $20,000.


July 26, Russell B. Card, Carrie L. Card, Nancy A. Card, Kimberley L. Linsley, Angela M. Lindsley, Elinor J. Niemisto, Thomas W. Hathaway, and Gerald K. Hathaway sold Lot 12, Springfield Ave., to Edward Miano for $15,500.


July 26, Joseph K. Gervais, Personal Representative of the estate of Alicia Marie Gervais, sold 19 Barnes Rd. to Valci T. Carvalho III and Katelyn E. Carvalho for $525,000.


July 26, Joshua A. Liebowitz and Corinna Liebowitz sold 111 Eastville Ave. to Bing Bing Boom LLC for $665,000.