Bomb threat in mail prompts Tisbury town hall evacuation

Tisbury Police blocked off streets near Tisbury Town Hall Friday afternoon. Sgt. Christopher Habekost said town officials received "suspicious mail." — Photo by Christy Aumer

Tisbury town hall was evacuated about 4 pm, Friday afternoon, after town officials received what they described as a threatening letter.

Tisbury and State Police closed off Spring Street and evacuated the building as a precaution, prior to a search of town hall.

Initial reports that the letter referenced a bomb threat could not be confirmed by police, but late Friday police said there was no immediate cause for concern.

Tisbury Police gave few details about the circumstances surrounding the letter, citing the ongoing investigation.

“On 6/07/13 at about 3:45 pm,” Tisbury Police said in a press statement faxed to The Times late Friday, “a Tisbury Town Hall employee received a suspicious letter of a possibly threatening nature. Tisbury Police and Massachusetts State Police responded to the town hall, evacuated, searched, and cleared the building. Traffic was temporarily rerouted away from the area, as a precaution. No one was injured, and the case is currently under investigation by Tisbury and State Police.”

Speaking from the Tisbury Police station Friday night, Sergeant Chris Habekost told The Times, “We do not think anyone is in danger at this time.”

On Monday, Sergeant Tim Stobie told The Times the letter was numbered and carried a postmark from Pennsylvania. Sergeant Stobie said the letter included political rants and ended with the request, “Please support your local Boy Scouts.”