Midnight gunfire ends in New Year’s Eve arrest

Midnight gunfire ends in New Year’s Eve arrest

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Brian Weston faces weapons charges. — Photo courtesy of Oak Bluffs Police Department

Oak Bluffs police arrested Brian Weston, 60, of Hampden on New Year’s Eve, and charged him with numerous gun-related offenses in what Mr. Weston claimed was a celebration of the New Year.

Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, Oak Bluffs police received several phone calls about possible gunshots fired in the vicinity of Second Avenue. Officer Seth Harlow was already investigating when the calls came in. “The new year had just started and I heard what I believed to be fireworks. There was a succession of loud ‘bangs,’ but I never saw any flashes of light in the sky,” he wrote in his police report. As Officer Harlow tracked the source of the disturbance, several more calls came in from residents in the area, including one saying they saw a deer that they believed had been shot.

Officer Harlow, joined in his search by officers J.J. Mendez and Dustin Shaw, was flagged down by a man who said he saw muzzle flashes coming from 29 Second Avenue, not far from the Oak Bluffs library. When the officers investigated, they found numerous spent shell casings in the front yard. Mr. Weston greeted them with a series of expletives and told them, in so many words, to leave his property.

According to the police report, Mr. Weston scuffled with officers as they tried to arrest him. It took double locked handcuffs to eventually subdue him. Mr. Weston, who police noted had a very strong odor of alcohol on his breath, remained combative as he was taken into custody. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace while armed, discharging a weapon within 500 feet of a building, improper storage of a firearm, and carrying a loaded firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Mr. Weston maintained that he was celebrating the New Year and that he never had any intention of hurting anyone. He also said he shot at a deer because it was damaging his garden.

A subsequent security sweep of Mr. Weston’s premises turned up 12 guns of varying caliber, 27 spent shell casings and over 1,500 rounds of ammunition. Numerous knives, including a switchblade, and handcuffs were also found.

At the request of Oak Bluffs police, Chief Jeff Farnsworth of the Hampden Police department, the issuing authority, revoked Mr. Weston’s “License to Carry” (LIC). A firearms license check of Mr. Weston revealed seven registered firearms that were not recovered by Oak Bluffs police.

Thursday morning, police went to the jail where, “Weston was cooperative and continually told us that he wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible,” Detective Nicholas Curelli wrote in his report. Mr. Weston told police that he is a firearms collector and that the missing weapons were disassembled Russian rifles that he kept at his residence in Hampden.

Hampden police are investigating.

Mr. Weston was released from the Dukes County Jail on $1,000 bail.


  1. he should have said he was taking VP Joe Biden’s advice on how to scare off intruders

  2. Well, I guess that answers why I thought some of the fireworks that night didn’t sound quite like fireworks.

  3. What about his 2nd amendment rights? Anyone heard of freedom of expression? Welcome to Obamas America

    1. He doesn’t have any second amendment rights to shoot within 500 feet of a house, no? Nothing to do with Obama.

    2. What does this have to do with Obama ?
      “welcome to Obama’s America” ?
      what does that mean ?
      It’s truly amazing that a totally meaningless comment like that gets so many likes..

        1. how would one know ? On the story about the Scow, someone brought illegal aliens into the conversation !????
          I don’t think he is being satirical or sarcastic.

          1. It screams sarcasm, plus, due to every comment thread on any subject has somebody bashing Obama, it’s become an internet meme.
            Example:Xbox game chat
            A player disappears mid-game and returns,,
            Where did you go?
            My Xbox froze, thanks Obama.
            While you guys went off on an Obama tangent, most of us were munching popcorn and laughing .

      1. Stop feeling the need to defend everything Obama. A lot of us are disgusted in the direction that OUR country is going in and Obama happens to be at the helm right now. Lighten up and don’t get your panties in a bunch just because some of us are venting our frustration. Seeing how we working class folk are pulling the major load in this country, I do believe that we are ENTITLED to do so.

        1. Welcome to the mv times site, Mary.

          I am honored that your first comment is to me.

          If you read my comments, you will find that I do not actually “defend everything Obama” There are plenty of things that he has done that I am disappointed in. And you are correct that it is OUR country. We share it. I get annoyed sometimes with the conservatives who think jesus is our national god, compassion and compromise are bad words, and all our problems are caused by liberal freeloaders and illegal aliens.

          Feel free to vent your frustrations. Everyone here will read them.

          The “working class folk”, or middle class, (of which I am one) have always pulled this country.

          Here is a link to a published opinion about the middle class.

          I don’t like to present opinions here often, but starting at about paragraph 13, the author sites facts. I like facts.
          If you read those numbers, you may understand why the working class is feeling more stress lately. It’s not the poor that are enjoying the most of the fruits of middle class labor, its the rich. Just the facts..
          And again, welcome, and thank you for your comments.

          1. I apologize for coming off disrespectful. I am just so disgusted in ALL of our politicians and where we are going as a nation. It is as if we the people don’t matter anymore. It is about the gain politically and financially. The idea of how this was all suppose to work has been so distorted. Voting themselves pay raises, opting out of the very programs that they implement on the country, not listening to the voter after they have been voted into office. (etc.) The list goes on. I am also very disgusted in the blatant abuse of entitlement programs. I even dislike the word entitlement. I have family that enjoy those programs and they are quite able to work but don’t. Disgusting but I digress. Enjoyed the chat. Thank You and have a great week.

          2. well said. It’s nice to see a clear, reasonable and articulate comment.
            no need to apologize, I was not offended.
            But thanks

          3. Thank you.. That is really good. I will pass that one along !
            I think even republicans could understand it. If any of them ever bothered to watch it, they might even quit blaming the impoverished aliens for taking all the money out of the economy.

          4. The you tube graphs are not surprising. What does one do about it. Do we take from the rich or do we create an economic environment of incentives that lifts all boats. Class envy isn’t going to cut it. An economic system that incentivizes capital spending and investment with not stranglehold regulations, lower corporate taxes, lower capital gains taxes, and less long term debt. A President that doesn’t constantly bash the rich or wall street. Does anyone think that a health care system of one sixth of the economy run by the government is going to incentivize small business to hire full time employees. Could that have been avoided? Is 7 percent unemployment still Bush’s fault. Has so many workers dropped out of looking for a job still Bush’s fault? Can the President have one way of doing things that is different from another way of doing things and therefore help the economy. Do you really believe that if Bill Clinton were in charge we would have this kind of economy?

          5. Greed is the problem. I blame Washington. They will continue to have their heads buried in the sand as long as special interests keep lining their pockets. I would love to start a new political party called “the Disgusted Party”.

          6. If you vote or voted for obama, or vote or voted for any democrats, then you support and defend obama. period.

          7. actually, that is not the way I work.

            I do not defend his handling of spying on the world, the way the aca has rolled out, or the fact it took him years to say he favored same sex marriage.
            Perhaps you think that if you vote for someone, you are permanently committed to defend them, right or wrong.
            I can think for myself, and will defend him when he is right and criticize him when he is wrong (in my opinion) .
            I do not blindly march in goose step to the party I favor.

          8. If you voted for him, you are responsible for all that happens as a consequence of his policies or non-policies. You gave him to us. All of you who voted for him.

          9. so, are you personally responsible for the failures to stop 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, and the torture at abu grabh , as well as the torture and continued imprisonment of uncharged people at Guantanamo and various secret prisons around the world. ?

          10. thank you for acknowledging that I am responsible for the end of U.S military involvement in Iraq, the worldwide economic recovery after the disastrous consequences of unfettered capitalism as pushed by many countries in the early 2000’s
            Also, a reduction of almost a full percentage point in unemployment, http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000
            let’s not forget the stock market– an astounding 150% gain in 5 years, 53 all time record highs in 2013 for the dow.
            We can also talk about basic human rights– I haven’t heard any stories about the unites states torturing people lately, and tens of thousands of people have been able to marry people they love, as well as being able to get health insurance even if they happen to be born with some medical problems, or had some medical problem years ago.
            Again, Jonathan, thank you for acknowledgement , but I really don’t think I can claim all the credit..

          11. In my last post to you , I forgot to mention the “fast and furious” “gun walking” operation that conservatives rail about.

            let’s look at the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry.
            he was killed on dec 14 2010 ,
            the gun that killed him was purchased In jan of 2010 about a year after Obama took office.

            A clear cut case that it’s all Obama’s fault ( and according to your logic,)

            but lets take a closer look at this —

            This program was launched by the Bush administration in 2006 and was know to have serious problems in 2007

            so let me ask you this…
            Are you responsible for the death of Brian Terry because you voted for the guy that started this program 4 years before this incident and ignored warnings about it’s failings for 2 ears before he left office, or am I responsible because I voted for the guy that did not cancel this program as soon as he got into office ?

        2. Don’t express conservative ownership of the working class. The working class put Obama into office.

          1. I don’t know who you are, vivavineyard, but I think you’re my internet soulmate.

      2. It lampoons an element of the commentariat that infests these (and most other) media sites.

  4. Guns plus alcohol are a good combination if you’re in the running for a Darwin award.
    But, it’s the ‘Murrican way!!!

    1. as long as it’s only a Darwin award. Unfortunately, guns often point away from the shooter.

  5. Great job obpd and supporting nimrods! this man is most certainly a threat to you, and i. more so then you goons driving <85mph in those fancy new toys you bought! but its ok. your here to protect and serve. we understand.

    1. Where to begin,,,,,,,,,,
      Well, I live near enough to where the shooter lives to be greatly concerned about a drunken shooter firing into the air or where ever he was pointing his weapon. Stray rounds travel a great distance and are still lethal.
      I have yet to see an OB officer drive as recklessly as you claim. I can usually tell what’s going on by how they’re driving. Roughly the speed limit, routine. Going fairly quick, a call. Lights, that can’t be good. Lights and siren, something bad just happened.

  6. Firearms and alcohol dont mix. Take away his weapons until he can demonstrate that hes off the booze. Nothing worse than a stinkin drunk with a gun.